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Tracer 9 GT Problem


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Just wanted to post an update on my Tracer, glad to say that after my disastrous start all is great with the bike.  This is especially true after the latest ECU flash.

I love this bike.  I have a 24" Madstad screen that works great, no noise and no buffeting.  I also put on ASV levers so I could adjust the clutch lever in.  They are great but do require a heavy mod to the lower handguard bracket.  Definitely worth the trouble.

Now I'm looking for crash bars and directional turn signals.  That GT+ does have my interest.


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Selbyville, DE
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Glad you got it all sorted out! I had the ECU flashed within months with a new exhaust, so haven't experienced issues (yet <knock on wood> ).

But I am leaning towards the ASV levers and glad to hear some feedback as I wasn't sure if it was quick install or some mod needed. 

As for other farkles and mods, I have the SW Motech crash bars...looks good, was straight forward install. But other options and brands so personal preference, ie YMMV. 

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