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Speedohealer and Tracer 9 GT


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Installed one on my DL1000.  Great product.  Can't speak for your bike, but Speedohealer would be my go-to if I needed to calibrate my speedo.

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24 minutes ago, Ride365 said:

The speedo is barely off on these bikes, most I have ever seen per my GPS is 2 MPH displayed over actual. 

Exactly same here. Wish I could say the same about my other bike ... more like 5 mph max on that one. 😏

Regards, Grumpy Goat | 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT & 2016 BMW R1200RS

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According to my GPS the Niken reads about 2mph high also. I try not to notice as it's help a little with the speed limit, if you know what I mean. 😉

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My bike reads about 2 - 3  MPH fast.  A minor detail not really worth being bothered by ... but it does bother me and I have a Speedohealer (off another bike) that will work (according to Healtech) with the Tracer 9 GT. 

1) I know being bothered by a 2 or 3 MPH error is nuts, but I am nuts (apparently) and I have a Speedohealer  off another bike that I could install.

2) What concerns me about the install is that this is a direct cut the wires type of install.  In particular, the White/Yellow wire which goes to the ABS ECU (accessed by removing - or maybe raising - the gas tank).  I guess this is a data wire with speed information on it which is modified by the Speedohealer.  The wire is cut, then two wires from the Speedohealer are attached, one to each cut end of the White/Yellow wire (plus hot and ground connections).  My bike is so computer controlled that cutting a wire and modifying the data on the wire is concerning due to any unintended consequences, but the Speedohealer folks say it works. 


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20 hours ago, etex said:

My bike reads about 2 - 3  MPH fast

Mine reads about 8% fast. I don't think it's a fixed amount that the speedo is off, but rather a ratio.

If you're worried about trip time while staying within the speed limit, that 8% is adding about 5 minutes per hour to your trip or about 15-20 minutes per fill-up.

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