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Going down one tooth on front sprocket

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Hey guys ,

I have had my 2021 tracer for about 3 months now , and I am just wanting a little more fun out of it . I know it’s not made to wheelie and if I wanted that I should have gotten an mt09 or 10 ; however I have severe spine issues and I needed comfort as first priority. Hence the tracer . I’ve got a Corbin seat and bar risers and it’s like a Cadillac man . I also just did an akropovic full system . And I’m waiting for my ecu app to get flashed . However I was hoping to get a little more torque out of it and hopefully enough to power wheelie and just have some fun without loosing a lot of top end . Has anyone changed thete front sprocket down one tooth ? And what are the results ? Do I also need a whole new set up with chain and rear sprocket if I was to do this ? Or can I get away with just changing the front . As always.. thank you guys for your knowlage and time with advice . 

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Do you ride it to the redline?

If you're puttering around below 6-7,000rpm you're missing out on wheelie material.

I also presume you've selected D-Mode 1?

If you can't get a wheelie out of a standard issue Tracer, something is wrong.

PS. I do not recommend wheelies on public roads. Only stupid people do that.

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8 hours ago, BostonDanny said:

Has anyone changed the front sprocket down one tooth ? And what are the results ? Do I also need a whole new set up with chain and rear sprocket if I was to do this ? Or can I get away with just changing the front . As

You might run into issues. I don't know of anyone here dropping a front tooth on the 21+ plus yet, but on the older 20 model, dropping a front tooth means you lose cruise control, it will work for 30-40 seconds before CC will turn off.

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Thank you for the reply’s . No I have not really been riding it to the redline , however the only gear I can get it to come up is 1st I have to be going slow and crack the throttle twice ; once quick and let off and then crack it and she’ll stand up but it really takes a lot and I was hoping yo be able to bring it up say second gear doing 20-30 mph but it just doesn’t have the power it seems . There’s a huge flat spot and then it accelerates like crazy after a couple seconds . 
now I am waiting to get my ecu flashed . I think it may have lost some power by putting the aftermarket exhaust on. The air fuel ratio is off it seems . Maybe this is affecting my torque more then I think ? 
Ill try to redline it a little more , but got any advice on how l can best get it up and ride out a good one ? Should I be doing clutch up ? Or just a certain way to power wheelie ? 
thanks guys ! 
ride safe 

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You're in the wrong RPM range entirely to torque it up.

You gotta spin it to win it, dude. It's a screamer, not a chugger.

The front end will come up with throttle alone in first, second, and third, whether you want it to or not. It took me a few weeks to recalibrate my corner exits after I got my FJ-09.

Yes, the longer swingarm on the later models makes this a little harder.

And it sounds like yours is having tuning issues after replacing the exhaust; honestly I'd dial back the hooliganism until you get a good reflash and throttle response is entirely predictable again. Or put the stock exhaust back on until then so it'll run right.

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Bwringer thanks brother . Yeah I’ve Learned that the fj09 is completely a different beast . And i don’t understand becusze my motor is 50cc bigger ! 
but the Swingarm must make a huge difference because I rode my buddy’s older model and it was what made me decided to buy a tracer . And I’ve been thinking something’s wrong with mine becusze of the difference with the wheelie capability’s. It’s good to learn there’s been changes made to the length of the bike and that’s contributing to it being much less wheelie prone . But it’s very sad for me . 
I had an opportunity to buy an fj09 with low miles for half the price of my bike . But I went with a new one instead becusze of the updates and what I thought was an upgrade ! 
but there like two differsnf bikes now .

all I can hope for is a big difference once my ecu is flashed and maybe I can do a stage 2 dna filter to get some more torque as well . 
And maybe I can change out the rear sprocket to a couple teeth extra . Like 16 front and change the 45 rear to 47 . 
I’m determined to figure it out and get this bad boy to act like the hooligan your referring to ! 
and for anyone else following along yes I have shit off the tc and I’m in driving mode 1 so it’s just the bike itself needs some extra tuning . 
thanks again ! 

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Yeah like I said . I don’t know if it’s the ecu needing the reflash? But it just has a flat spot when I crack the throttle and then accelerates but does not lift the tire up at all ! Only in first gear can I get it to power wheelie . I would like someone else with a 21 to comment to see if there having the same issues and if there were changes done to the 21 model that’s preventing it from being as torquey and wheelie prone . 
maybe lift control is still engaging ?? 
All I have learned is to hold the button for a couple of seconds on the traction control setting and it shuts it off. I thought that also shut off the wheelie control . But maybe I’m wrong and that’s part of the problem?

I’ll update when I get my ecu done and let you guys know if that solved the issue . I have an app on sep 8 to get it in . 
really hoping this fixes my issue . 
And again I’ve rode an older model fj09 and it was a hooligan ! It made me fall in love with Yamaha . And I also needed a comfortable bike becusze of my spine surgeries . So I thought it was the perfect machine ! 
bit im just not happy with my newer models lack of fast response in the throttle . My 900cc triple should be popping up on me on accident! Never mind the fact that im trying like hell . But im gonna get out there and try a few new tricks you guys have shared with me and go from there . Thanks for the reply’s . This community is amazing 

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Are you doing clutch up to get it up ? What gear and starting speed is best to bring it up ? 
Or if your doing power wheelie , also what gear and starting speed are you bringing it up in ? 
Any tips is appreciated 


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I don't purposely wheelie, honestly don't understand the whole need or care for it to be quite honest. I can loft the front tire up 1st/2nd when on the boil and sometimes in 3rd, and your model year/years I believe is known to have a flat spot or hesitation in the fueling? I have full Delkevic exhaust, Booster Plug, stock gearing, traction control on lowest setting, and typically ride in standard mode. It's a quick bike with no perceivable flat spots for me, and I love to rev this engine.......engine prefers that. ;) 

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1 hour ago, BostonDanny said:

How do I change the setting ? Is it the tc setting ? The one of three setting that you can scroll through on the left side ? 
Or is it something totally differsnf ? 

I believe it’s separate from traction control but lemme check the manual when I get home. It’s been awhile since I messed with settings. Or you can check your manual🧐🙂?

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