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Can we talk about Aliexpress?

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ok the windscreen extender is really nicely made and does reduce buffeting but with all that force at the top of the screen, the screen flexes A LOT. I went past a truck and I thought it was going to snap off. I've cut my screen down by 2 inches and re-fitted it and it still works well but without the flexing.
the fork adjusters are very useful. can ride, make a little tweak, ride some more and see if it helps. no need to get a spanner out every time.
the coolant bottle cover I've not fitted yet, I'm not sure if it's going to work with the H&P belly pan.
the axle protectors do what they should, they bolt on and they'll save anything near the axles scraping on the ground if I crash.
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I was wondering about buying a rear rack from Aliexpress...it's about 60€ with plate, a Givi SR2122 costs about 50€ and doesn't have a plate (you need to buy an M7 or M5, even to use it without a case).
Will it be strong enough for a saddle bag / roll bag ?
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Road tested the windscreen spoiler today at highway speeds with crosswinds, traffic, 18-wheelers, etc.
I'm 6'0" with the seat and screen in high position and it makes a noticeable reduction in wind turbulence, wind now only touches my helmet just above the visor (right at the vents actually-NICE!).
The body is aluminum so although light, it does have some weight that causes the screen to flex, due to the weight, not the added wind resistance so not like it's going to flex back and snap, but it does bounce back and forth (slightly) even at low speeds.
For less than $30, very impressed!
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