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Handlebar risers options ??


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Hi everyone
I'm considering to install handlebar risers due to body position on the bike and shoulder pain that comes with it after few hours on the road.
I've seen posts about Rox risers but I refuse to believe that they are the only one? I also found risers on Yamaha website but man they are so expensive
here in Europe (275 USD).
Not sure what to get so I'm hoping that you "community" can shine some light on the subject.
Here are some things that I'm wondering about...
2.Install difficulty?
3.Can be used with existing cables?
4.Adjustment features (forward, backward, upwards)? 
5.Other things to think about before buying?
Any info is appreciated! 
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I also think you should consider different bars.  I have Pro Taper Evo ADV bars and they're much taller (and wider) than the stock bars.  I'm pretty sure they're about the tallest bars you can use without getting new brake lines.  It was a good thing that I decided to bleed the brakes the same day because I had to loosen the banjo bolt at the master cylinder and re position it to get everything positioned perfectly. There isn't much slack on the brake lines but there's no problem when turning the bars in either direction.  Pro Taper also has the same bars in a "high" bend which are 50mm taller than the regular bend but you'll probably be needing new cables and lines.
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