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Another shout from Virginia


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Had a BSA Victor 441 (street not scrambler) for less than a year in 1968/69 -- the only motorcycle I ever rode until 2014, when I bought a Harley Heritage Softail a few months before retiring from Civil Service after 41 years.  I soon traded that in for a '15 Road King, for reasons that take too long to explain here.  I had the dealer upgrade the Road King by installing "Screaming Eagle" Stage III mods and had it dyno-tuned.  As measured on the dyno after tuning, it puts out 95 peak hp and 111 lb-ft peak torque, with a torque curve that hits 100 lb-ft at 2300 rpm and stays above 100 almost all the way up to 5000 rpm.  I've logged over 16,000 miles on the King and was pretty happy with it, but a guy who usually leads the Meetup group I ride with has a Suzuki GSX-S 750, and when he rips it from a standing stop I can't keep up with him.  That got me to thinking about switching to a hyper naked bike, and I want one that can carry panniers.  I am 6'4", and when sitting on a '17 FJ 09 in a showroom it seemed like a pretty good fit due to the high seat.
Question: assuming equal driver skill, could a '17 or '18 fj 09 beat a Suzuki GSX-S 750 in a quarter-mile drag race?  If not, to Hell with it!   wink.png
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I'm also getting the full monty now.  Don't know what the problem was before.  So the 2015 GSX-S 750 was 0.2 secs quicker in the quarter mile.  Maybe that's not a deal-breaker.
That 11.2 time quoted for the FJ may be negatively impacted by the stock speed governor. It shuts off the party at 114 mph, while I would expect a bike running 11.0-ish times to have a trap speed around 120 mph.
In real world riding, the FJ motor is a gem. I’ve never found it to be lacking for power...
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the magazine testing is done with the factory speed nanny ?... the little FJ-09 easily does 75mph + 75mph with a little more to go ? w/o the speed nanny in the real world...
2012 wr250f - C-class 30+ age group
2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition-80whp
2015 fj-09- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich tune by 2WDW @120whp
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