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New in metro Detroit


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Hey All,
Just picked up a new to me 2015 FJ-09 this past weekend, replacing a 2001 Honda Shadow ACE. This will be my second year riding and I'm excited to have the bike I've had my eye on for the past year. It has already lived up to its expectations on the ride I did over the weekend so I'm really looking forward to this season! 
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Congrats on the new bike, and welcome to the forum! Don't be shy, lots of free advice for anything you aren't sure about. All for free, and some of it useful!
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The Ace is a solid bike, I rode my dads for about a year while he was unable to ride and I was building my VLX bobber.  
Welcome! I may eventually ride up your way, as I got a buddy that recently moved back to Ferndale from Nashville.
Normally I don't find cruiser styling too attractive, but the ACE is just a gorgeous bike. I thought it was an excellent first bike, and it even convinced my girlfriend to get her endorsement and her own bike. 
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