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OEM heated grips


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Hi all,
Its been a while since i posted. My Tracer was stolen, recovered, but written off. when they kicked off the steering lock, they broke the lug on the frame- hence they broke the frame. One written off 15 reg bike!!!
So before it was taken off me i stripped off what i could- including the oem heated grips. it was not easy and once they were off i re- connected them but the menu didn't see them.
so have i buggered them in the removal or is them some electrical/menu trickery i have missed?
if i have buggered them (i presume that i have broke the heating coil somewhere could i just rejoin the break with solder?
Loved my grips but if i can save £140  it would be great
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The OEM heated grips should be auto recognised when the ignition is turned on, no installation on the menu required. So, you’ve either not plugged them in correctly or they’re damaged as you suggest.
If you test them with a multimeter there should be a resistance figure (sure I’ve seem the values on a thread here somewhere) but if yours are broken then you’ll get an infinite value from the gap in the element.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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check the fuse? and by "not easy to remove"? it should be easy to remove the OEM grips, its molded into plastic handlebar tubes... i hope you didnt try to seperate them...
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Tried the continuity tester. Beeped on the left hand grip but not on the throttle side (i had the problem with the left hand one!!!)
I had to get to the fuse box so tried plugging them in. No joy.
Pressed and held the menu button and all of a sudden it came up with grip warmer settings.
So all good and working.
Not fitted them yet as i am going to put on some MT09 bars so will fit them on those instead.
Thanks for the help
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