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The Krispy Kreme test

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Last weekend I wanted to take a short day trip somewhere.  So I decided to plot an all back road trip to a Krispy Kreme to see how many half dozen boxes of donuts I could fit in my Yamaha side bags.  The answer is 3 per side.  Where the bag connects to the bike the inside plastic protrudes out slightly, which prevented the forth box.  Just in case anyone was wondering how many donuts you could fit in the Yamaha side bags... smiley.png
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Now this is useful information to know! :)
I conducted a similar test with homemade pork tamales from a roadside taco stand 200 miles from home. Four dozen was the answer for FJ saddlebag tamale capacity.
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Ok, Mr. Krispy Kreme, here's your next mission, should you choose to accept it:
How many Noah's Bagels, with "compatible" amount of cream cheese shmear, can you fit inside both cases? NOTE: 1 container of cream cheese shmear contains enough for 6-10 bagels, depending on how much shmear one puts on their bagel (my wife can spread 10, while I can only get 6...I REALLY like my cream cheese). Ok, off to Noah's you go.
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