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Hi from NY


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i currently have a versys 650, but im going to be purchasing either an fz or fj09 next spring. im kind of leaning towards the fj due to the better wind protection and the upright riding position.
the main reason for my switch from the versys is hp and that BEAUTIFUL CP3 engine! the past 3 out of 4 years, i have ridden either the fz or fj at americade and i have fallen for that engine. the last time i rode one, was the fz09 with the comfort seat and yoshimura exhaust.
im looking forward to finally jumping on the bandwagon next spring!
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Welcome to the forum, and if you get the FJ, you won't regret it......
Can't get off that thing without a smile on my face, even after owning it for over 3 years....
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been too damn long, but im finally pulling the trigger! found a sweet blue 2017 near me for a decent price with only 700 miles on her! trading my snowmobile in on her made the price that much better too. already has a set of knobby tires on it for some dirt road adventuring as well as a radiator screen and scorpion slip on exhaust. i already have all sorts of farkles planned for her! scr crash bars, aux lighting, skid plate, stand spools. why cant it be spring already!


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got the new bike home yesterday, but i have to say, i dont think i'll soon forget the day i brought home my fj-09! get to the dealership and finish the paperwork, he said to give him an hour to make sure everything is good with the bike. go out to the truck (my dads) and it wont start. keep in mind, this truck is a 2015 f-150 with less the 50k on it. its saying the coolant temperature was exceeded, meanwhile the temperature gauge is showing it all the way cool. it would start intermittently, so i try to back it up and it just dies! thankfully, my dad got the bumper to bumper on it when he bought it, so the tow back to the dealership was covered. then we get to the dealership and the service writer says he only has powertrain on it and electrical is not covered. we go up front to the salesman and he confirms it is bumper to bumper. turns out it was never put in the system that its bumper to bumper coverage. so we got that sorted, brought my mom back home because she picked us up at the dealer, which didnt have a courtesy truck for us to use.

so when i got home, i call the u-haul place near me and they have a 10' truck there that is available. sweet, i can go use that to get the bike home! i get there and the guy doesnt know how to rent out a u-haul truck....... says if i reserve it online he can do it because the person that usually does it is not there! un-freakinbeliveable! so i go down the road to the other place that has u-haul trucks, but all they have is 15 footers. screw it, give it to me! didnt take more than 5 minutes to get keys to a truck! actually worked out better because the 15' truck has a built in ramp which made it super easy to get the bike in and out safely.

4 hours later and $75 less in my wallet, i have the fj home in my garage! no pics yet because it was pitch black when i got home and my garage is an absolute mess, but i have an interesting story to tell about the day i picked it up now!

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