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Coldest engine temp?

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Engine temp of 126F while riding 60MPH in 18F weather.
Damn that musta been cold!
I will never do that again.  This was about four years ago and it was clear for a few weeks prior.  That night the temp dropped 10F past the forecast.  But with no moisture in sight I said "What the h*ll" and went for it.  TBH, my body wasn't cold.  Heater gloves, heated grips, gortex boots, layered riding gear with thermals.  However, there was this gap, where the seal around my visor was letting air in.  Even with the balaclava, I swear my forehead was going to shatter when I took my helmet off at work.  Yesterday was another good ride, 30F outside, at 60MPH the temp stayed right at 136F.  Although yesterday's ride was mild compared to the 18F.  Heck, yesterday I was sweating by the time I got to work because I had too much gear on.  smiley.png
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