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Cracked side panel

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I have just found out that the checker-pattern side panel over the lower part of the fuel tank has developed a crack near the fastening screw located under the front seat.  This also happened to another Tracer that I know of.   I do not know the exact cause but my guesses are 1) it may have caused by downard pressure transmitted through the rider seat pan or 2) knee pressure exerted on the flexible part of that panel may have caused stress fracture at the attachment point or  3) any other cause.
Please do check your bike to see if you have experience similar issue.
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Hi Voodoo,
could you please take a photo of the back of the crack please? I think it's a design flaw in the moulding of the part. It could be what is termed moulding weld. Where 2 halves of the plastic come together during injection but don't merge together. It becomes very weak.
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I don't think is force from the top causing the crack. More likely from inward knee pressure on the most springy part of the panel. I have just uploaded a video on youtube. 
[span]    [/span]

The video is private ! Can't see it ! :(
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Just had mine apart to add a Power Commander and noticed mine cracked there on both sides!!
Welcome to the club :'(! I haven't got around to go down to the dealer yet, will do that in a month time for the next service.  
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Finally got time to visit the dealer and the panels will be replaced under warranty. However, they will likely crack at the same spot again so I plan to do some modifications when I receive the new parts. Right now I am thinking of putting some rubber stoppers behind the side panels to limit the inward movement and strengthening the stress area.
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