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Givi TN2139 Crash Guards

Blue Wheels

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I just received and mounted a pair of Givi engine guards this week, which I purchased from eBay, on my '19 Tracer 900 GT. They fit perfectly, but after I installed them, I began to read the warranty.  There was no mention of the name "Givi" anywhere on the warranty paperwork.  So I checked the carton in which I received it.  The name was not there, or on the wrap of the product, or in the installation "instructions."  The install directions did mention the model "TN2139" which is listed on the Givi dealership websites.  So, did I get the real deal, or did I get a knockoff?  The price was relatively low:  $192 U.S., including shipping and tax.  Oh, and the clamp-on "Givi" name plate, which is on the published photos, was not included. 

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we have plenty of knock off look alike give bar here, however its not posted as Givi but crash bar for Tracer/Tracer GT. cost around usd50-60, shape to look similar. but i guess its still solid, even for a knock off, perhaps maybe get a new quality screw instead. 

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I have the givi bars fitted and i have not experienced any vibration or noise.  They are pretty solid but mine came with poor quality bolts. I ended up ordering new bolts to replace them. 

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Update:  I contacted the eBay seller.  He said that Givi has discontinued including the nameplate that fits the center crossbar of the engine guards.  I also checked the Givi website, and viewed the installation instructions for several of their products.  None have the manufacturer's name. So I've convinced my self that mine are original.  Thanks.

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