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Rear Caliper Assebly


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Hello all,  hopefully someone can provide direction.  Just installed a new rear tire on my 2015 FJ.  When reassembling the brake caliper, the pin slide bolt would not torque down (the large bolt at the top of the assembly).  Upon inspection, it appears the assembly portion appears stripped in places such that the bolt itself can't fasten properly.  I am assuming I can re-tap it but I don't know the size.  Anyone know??



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@BBB and @madeuce216  This appears to fairly common, there is a current discussion for the exact same issue on the MT09/XSR forum. 

Bottom line, when reinstalling the caliper, install the forward bolt first. 

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That bolt/pin can be...difficult. I’ve found that if I install rear bolt first then the pump the brake a few times the front one starts easier. 

Let’s go Brandon

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