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New Corbin Seat

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Corbin definitely makes the best looking seat for our rides, even if the reviews of the comfort have been less than stellar. But I would very much like to hear your thoughts. I've been living with a gel pad for the last year and would definitely like to get something better. What color stitching did you choose to match the Dull Yellowish Red Cocktail? That looks pretty spot on in the photos.

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Ok folks, I’ve now got a few hundred miles on the Corbin and can say it’s not a panacea, but it’s pretty good for my boney a$$. I’m all gut and no butt. It’s better feeling than the Bagster and leaps better than stock. I also expect Corbin to break in more after more miles. Of course it’s gonna be different for everyone. I’ve decided to keep the Bagster for when it’s raining on my commute. 

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All I am going to say is go onto Sargent Seats website. They are hand made and NOT cheap. But explain why GEL a none porous material that SWEATS is not a great improvement. There seats are carbon and the covering is different types of shaped memory foam. They can be even HARDER but surprisingly more comfy !!!!! It is much down to the shape of the seat and there secret building. I bought one at great cost for my Honda FireBlade 20 years ago, when it came I was worried  been ripped off ...... it was very HARD !!!!! But after only a 500 mile run in period.

WOW FANTASTIC....................and had them now on other bikes as well. Email them, they are very helpful.

Cheers Edgar Jessop.

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After all three of my seat pads failed to ease a sore tail bone on the stock seat , I ordered the Corbin seat last night . I had a Corbin on my MT07 & it was a great improvement . I would like to know how much height it adds In real life ? Since the 2020 GT is too tall stock . I am not sure of the lead time to get the seat , but at least I know there is help on the way . 😀

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I have a 2017 with a Corbin seat, but can tell you that the 2019+ seat is narrower than my '17 so it may help with attempting to get flat footed.

'19+ on left and 15-17 on right in pic...


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