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Stories from the road ......

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I was on a road trip with my brother and a few buddies, I stopped to take some photos and told them to keep going and I would catch up with them.  After a few minutes I was back on the road, we were riding in Central Oregon in the middle of absolutely nowhere so I was in "catch-up mode".  I passed a car parked on the side of the road and noticed the lights in the back window... it was an unmarked police cruiser, talk about a sickening feeling...

As I chopped the throttle I noticed him immediately pull onto the road behind me, I slowed to the speed limit and held it there waiting for the lights to start flashing but he just followed me... for miles...   After about 20 minutes of torturing me at the posted speed limit on that deserted state highway, he FINALLY pulled me over and said "I don't know how fast you were going, you went by me so fast that I couldn't get to my radar but we both know it was well over the speed limit".  "The reason I pulled you over is we had a motorcycle fatality earlier today and I wanted to tell you to keep it safe"...

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19 hours ago, duckie said:

If ya been riding for any length of times, ya gotta have road stories. 

Like the time I was riding like a bat out of hell trying to catch a group of riders before they reached Applejacks in La honda. Applejacks is a bar on 84 that, back in the day, was a major motorcycle hangout.

I rolled into the parking right as they were dismounting and taking their gear off. The place was packed with riders of all sorts. 

I notice that everyone was looking in my direction which puzzled me somewhat. A quick glance over my shoulder provided the answer........a Sheriffs car had stopped behind me with lights on. Seems the two Sheriffs wanted to have a little chat with me. 

The driver asked for my paperwork and went back to the car. The other started chatting.....in quite a friendly manner. 

I was riding a ducati 900ss with some slip ons......it was ducati loud. 

The chatty Sheriffs first comment was that they heard me coming before they saw me. Next was that he wasnt sure they would make some corners trying to catch me.  

He slyly asked how fast I thought I was going........my answer 35 mph.....the speed limit. He tried several times to get me to state how fast I was going and each time my answer was the same ......35 mph the speed limit. 

The Sheriff running my paperwork was done so he came over and as he was handing my paper work back made this statement....

“We could not get a clock on you, but suggest you not to be doing the “speed limit”  anymore. “  And away they went. 

What I didnt know was the size the crowd behind me had gotten. When the Sheriffs drove off and me getting no ticket , I got a great round of applause from the crowd and a few beers bought for me.

It was a good day......




I hope you didn’t jump on your bike after few…

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I was riding thru Missouri behind a pickup pulling a boat.  He was going almost fast enough for me and the road was good but not lots of great passing so I just chilled out.  He slowed down so I decided to pass him, there was another pickup behind me.  I pulled out and accelerated and noticed an SUV bulled out from behind the pickup behind me.  I'm thinking that looks a bit like a Missouri Highway Patrol , well by now I'm beside the pickup and boat so kept on going and figured he had me so best thing was go ahead and clear.  So kept on going and pulled over and he went flying by with his lights on - a couple of miles up the road he had someone pulled over.  I hadn't downshifted to 3rd so wasn't accelerating as hard as I could have but he was gaining on me a bit but never had to back off due to me.  30 miles down the road my heart rate was normal.  Had my GoPro running at the time so got a pic.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 5.16.19 PM.png

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I used to race AFM many years ago. The call to start my practice session came over the loudspeaker.

I went to start the bike, it would not start, just would turn over. I thought the battery might be weak so I had the wife, my pit crew, help me try to push start it. 

Id run beside, jump on it to try to start it, while she keep pushing. Did that three times......Nothing...

At the same instance, we both looked at the kill switch........I was still on the bike, turned it to on and got the hell away as quick as I  could.

That practice session was just too short........





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A while back I was heading to Nashville via I-24 on the north side of Monteagle there was an accident. After sitting in traffic for a while, sweating my a$$ off I started "migrating" to the front. Not legal here in the USA (except California) 

As I closed on the scene, where the the single lane was getting by. I thought I could sneak in. A THP officer managing traffic evidently saw me. He waved me to an open area and politely  told me to wait.

After about 20 minutes he came over and told me to head out. No ticket and I "migrated" for 5-6 miles.

"It doesn't matter who walks in, you know the joke is still the same"  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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I was riding my ST 1300 from NH to the Dragon in TN and stopped in a rest area somewhere in PA. I pulled into a parking spot and a little kid in a car was all google eyed lookin at my big silver bird.  His dad said to me he loves motorcycles so I gave him a tour of the bike.

When I was ready to hit the road again he was still hanging around the ST so I asked hi if he like to help me start it.  I turned on the key and showed him how to press the start switch, which he did .  The V4 came alive and he jumped five feet backwards.  Then a huge smile covered his face.

I bet he’ll be one of us someday.

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I was out riding up in the hills and stopped in Skylonda at the store which is at the junction of 35 and 84 and is a favorite hangout. Across the street is Alices Restaurant.

As I was standing there in the stores parking lot, a lady walks across the street to me and asked if I could give directions to Big Basin park cause she couldnt get maps to load on her phone. Said no problem.

Walked over to my jacket that was on the bike and pulled out a good old fashion paper map. After giving her the directions and what not, I added.....These maps work at anytime and anywhere......she just grinned, and went on her way.



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