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  1. You likely had air trapped in the system that quickly worked its way out. Standard practice for a lot of old riders was to leave the rad cap off while starting the bike after the coolant change, topping up as the air bubbles burped and belched out the filler neck.
  2. The quickshifter is indeed bolt-on and plug'n'play; US$150 plus $15 for the postman, in stock.
  3. *scratching head* I can sell a quick shifter (up only) that won't interfere with the CC, but I can't help you with the auto-blipper.
  4. You plan your tour from gas station to gas station ...
  5. Canyon carving with a passenger wears down the rear tire quite quickly! 🤪
  6. This was a common occurrence with the old FZR line, when someone would forget / neglect to bend the lock washer to hold the sprocket nut in position. It occasionally happened that the nut would go missing altogether, with the sprocket basiclally being held on by the chain!
  7. You're quite correct on all points. The '14-16 models don't have the QS function in the ECU, so you need an add-on controller or a flash. I can provide QS sensor & rod plus a plug-in controller for US$225. Auto-blip is *much* more complicated and requires more involved programming, so it demands much more money.
  8. I always just tucked the little folder with license, registration, and insurance in my inside jacket pocket.
  9. Hi, Maximo. The QS and controller have nothing to do with the flash or APS, so no - it makes no difference if the ECU is flashed or APS adjusted. I don't know how the cruise control bolts up, but the QS controller plugs in via the sidestand switch and rear brake switch. And yes, the OTD is US$250 + $15 shipping to anywhere in the Continental US.
  10. Not at this time. The electronics for upshift are simple, and there is little to no risk of engine damage. Blipper electronics are much more involved, and carry the risk of floating a valve if mis-set. It's something I'm not prepared to play around with right now.
  11. Why are you comparing QS pricing? My comment regarding expense was regarding blipper pricing.
  12. According to my math, £240 x2 = £480 = US$620 for up and down. As I said, not cheap.
  13. You need to talk to the flash guys if their code includes auto-blipper function. If not, you'd need to buy a controller system from someone like HM or Translogic. Bring your chequebook ...
  14. When cleaning metal to be welded, never use brake cleaner. Under high heat the residue can break down into Phosgene gas! High-concentration (99%) isopropyl alcohol will strip just about any oil and chain lube that you may find, without attacking your lungs.