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  1. Have you thought about a Quick Shifter? Bolt-on plug-in, US$150 +$15 for the postman. More of a toy than bling, but most bling isn't that practical any way ... 😀
  2. I sell Quick Shifter kits made in the Czech Republic, but I ship from Scarborough, ON. C$200, in stock!
  3. I'll stick my oar in and note that a PC-V or PC-III will allow a bike with no built-in Quick Shift function to run a QS ...
  4. The old FZR line had self-cancelling signals back in the '80s. I'm astonished at the notion that a modern bike would NOT have self-cancelling blinkers.
  5. Was this a general interest question, or did you have something in mind? 😉
  6. The gen 1s need 'A' controller, so yes - a PCV would do the job nicely.
  7. The sale may be over, but the Quick Shifters are still available and in stock. The QS kits bolt up and plug in to the '17+ models, $150 + $15 shipping. The '15-16 models (flashed or not) need a plug'n'play controller, +$100. A piggy-back controller with QS function, like a Power Commander III or V, would also work.
  8. I like to tap into the rear brake switch for +12v; the Brown wire is fused and switched.
  9. Some of you may have noticed my efforts to determine how to connect a quick shifter to a flashed ECU. Purely mercenary, of course; the easier it is for a customer to use my product, the more people will buy one. I just had a rather disappointing discussion with Dave at VCycleNut.com. Apparently FlashTune requires a custom cable with 6 pins that socket into the back of the ECU plug. Woolich does indeed access the QS through the O2 port, but their QS hardware is a bi-directional unit, meaning the QS function has to be voltage based, instead of just an on/off switch. There is also the fact that their QS function is part of the $500 'Race tools' package, and is not part of the standard flash. What does this mean for me and any potential customers? It means that if you have either of these flash packages, it doesn't matter. If you buy a QS from me and your bike is earlier than 2017, you also need to buy a controller. I can't see this helping my sales forecast ...
  10. He says he has a flashed ECU; he isn't sure if it has QS enabled.
  11. Sorry about that - with someone as easily confused as me, you'd think I'd be more careful ... Each option is an adder to the base price of the shifter kit, starting at $135. If your ECU isn't flashed or doesn't have the QS function turned on, you need the controller at $75; add $25 for plug'n'play connectors. Everything has to be shipped to your door, for $15. Total price for the most expensive arrangement is US$250. You'd be well off to contact your flash vendor to confirm whether your unit has the flash QS function activated, and where it expects the QS signal - one email could save you quite a bit of money. If you tell me you're interested but you have to call your guy, I'll hold the sale price for you for another week.