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  1. Interesting is one word for it ... Yeah - I'm everywhere! 😀
  2. I still remember the nifty sound my RZ350 made as it spat the left-outboard YPVS segment out the side; the PO had installed them *upside-down*, and riding it around was pounding the halves apart. Fortunately, the left side has the drive cable, so it was sitting there dangling as I pulled off to the side of the road ...
  3. If it's going to be a track bike, may I suggest a Quick Shifter kit? (Unless it already has one - I keep losing track of which models do and don't come with one!)
  4. Try dropping the front pressure back down to 33psi.
  5. I like the idea of the lights all turning red when you hit the brakes!
  6. I sell the things, and even I have to concede that for street use they're a toy - but what a wonderful toy! 🤩 I can't beat Partzilla's US$135 price, but I can match it, and I can sure beat their 22-27 days lead time! Order today, it ships out tomorrow!
  7. 10mm is a big first step. It will improve turn-in, but it also reduces steering stability. As with any suspension adjustment, make small changes, test, and take lots of notes!
  8. You likely had air trapped in the system that quickly worked its way out. Standard practice for a lot of old riders was to leave the rad cap off while starting the bike after the coolant change, topping up as the air bubbles burped and belched out the filler neck.
  9. The quickshifter is indeed bolt-on and plug'n'play; US$150 plus $15 for the postman, in stock.
  10. *scratching head* I can sell a quick shifter (up only) that won't interfere with the CC, but I can't help you with the auto-blipper.
  11. You plan your tour from gas station to gas station ...
  12. Canyon carving with a passenger wears down the rear tire quite quickly! 🤪
  13. This was a common occurrence with the old FZR line, when someone would forget / neglect to bend the lock washer to hold the sprocket nut in position. It occasionally happened that the nut would go missing altogether, with the sprocket basiclally being held on by the chain!