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  1. This has been a Yamaha quirk for years and years; I don't know if the other OEMs do it. A LH thread on the right mirror means that if it gets hit from the front - tip-over, crash, too close to a minivan - it folds back, instead of breaking, or ripping out the threads. You'll notice that the securing nut on the RH mirror has a small slit cut into each wrench flat; this is an indicator that it's a left-hand thread.
  2. 230F?! WOW - that's nuts. I have to wonder if your thermostat isn't undersized for the load you're putting on it. That, or your rad is in dire need of a flush. Another option might be your new tune - 120hp might be too much for your cooling system, especially if the fuel map leans out vs OEM as you approach peak power at WFO. Even more than cars, bikes are partly cooled by the fuel evapourating in the intake ports and against the pistons.
  3. $135 plus shipping through December 8th, plug and play!
  4. Good questions. First and foremost, I try very hard to make my bike stuff plug'n'play wherever possible. A guy installing a CAN-based WBO2 controller as part of an aftermarket EFI system on his souped-up Charger expects to do a lot of wiring. A street-bike rider is generally far more allergic to solder, and I try to accomodate that. The '15 FJ-09 and the '18 MT-09 use the same shift pedal and shift rod, so the $135 kit will physically bolt up, and the MT-09 has the mating plug to make it a direct connection. For a flashed FJ-09, I need to know where the new firmware expects the QS to hook up. If it wants to be connected to the O2 sensor plug, that's where it goes, and I'll provide the kit with the appropriate connector. Note that any loss of the O2 function is due to the flashed firmware, not the QS kit. As for cost, you're still paying me $135 for the QS kit, but a lot more for the flashing. An unflashed FJ-09 needs the controller at $75; a street bike also needs the split adaptors at $25. So yes, including shipping you're up to $250. This is an up-shift design only; an auto-blipper is far more involved, and much more expensive. Looking at pics of the shift rod and shift knuckle, and the way it's tucked into the side cover, I don't see GP shift being an option without some fairly extensive mods.
  5. Ok - after an hour or so of going through the service manual and wiring diagram, while looking at eBay for pics of the various connectors, I'm satisfied that I have identified the various connectors involved. If you have a flashed ECU that plugs into either the sidestand switch or the O2 sensor, I've got you covered. If your ECU isn't flashed, I can plug my controller into the sidestand switch (kill and ground) as well as the rear brake switch (12v feed). If this is a street bike and you want to keep the sidestand and rear brake switches in working form, I can provide two little splitter adaptors for an additional $25. So - who wants a Quick Shifter? 😀
  6. My controller does indeed plug into the sidestand switch with variable cut time, and is intended to work with an ECU that doesn't have native QS support. Connecting through the O2 sensor seems fairly easy; just a matter of determining the connector needed. Connecting through the sidestand switch directly to the ECU strikes me as ... interesting. How does the ECU tell the difference between a QS signal and a forgotten sidestand?
  7. If you've got the plug connector on the OEM harness, then it would be a plug-in install. If you don't have the plug, then it gets more involved - I don't know offhand what ECU pins are affected by this, or where to splice in to install such a plug. I have to assume the shops that did the flashing know which wires you'd need to splice in to ...
  8. I'm not only the North American distributor for Shifting ContRoll, I'm also a new supporting vendor here on the forum. From now until December 8th, I'm offering our new Quick Shifter kit for the '17-'19 Tracer for only US$135. This is a bolt-on plug-in kit, easy to install and a blast to use! While the earlier models don't have the QS function built in to the ECU, I can offer a Quick Shift Controller to handle the spark cut duties for $75. Price goes up next month to $150. Shipping is an additional $15.
  9. Purveyor of neat toys