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New here… I currently have a 2012 R1, and have someone lined up to buy it. I’m ready to move on to something more comfy for the street since I’m doing track days regularly. To the point, I’m torn between the tracer (new or used) and the s1000xr (first gen) I’ve always been on Yamaha and love and trust the brand, whereas I question bmw. Just looking for other opinions and wondering if there are any big differences between the previous model tracer and the new ones.. 

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Hi @2moronsgarage - welcome to the forum.   We’re obviously a bit biased here towards the Tracer, but hopefully you’ll find a lot of useful information.   

I looked closely at a S1000XR around 2017 or 2018, but decided the FJ09 I already had was the better bike for me.   The XR has a lot going for it:  It’s got a ton of motor, the fit & finish was vastly better than the early FJs, and the wind protection is superior.  But, I rode two different bikes, and they both had a very noticeable (and to me intrusive) vibration through one of the footpegs… it was the left side, as I recall.   I love big four-stroke singles, so vibrations usually don’t bother me, but this one was a buzzing high frequency that I couldn’t ignore.  Definitely ride one to see if it’s an issue for you.  

Honestly, the biggest thing for me was the relative lack of character of the XR vs the FJ/Tracer.   What the CP3 lacks in power, it more than make up for in its fun, usable, always-ready-to-play personality.  That motor is the reason I still have & enjoy the FJ after 7 years of ownership.    The newer Tracers are more refined (especially the all-new T9), but they’re still bikes with a lot of personality.   And to me, personality goes a long way…. 

Good luck in your search. 

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The Tracer will have all the performance you will ever need for the street and will likely be far more reliable and cheaper to own.  

There is nothing like spending a day riding with friends in the grip of a shared obsession.

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