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FJ09 air filter

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Yes, it's under the tank. I just used my camera to take photos of each piece I took off the bike and each fastener. Makes it easy to put back together. 

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1 hour ago, scjaws said:

Where is it?  Under the gas tank?

I am going to hope that you recently just got the bike (since its a 2015 model) and are not just now looking at air filter maintenance for the first time after owning the bike that long. 

When traveling at speed, or cranking open the throttle, this bike really sucks in a lot of air and leaves and assorted other debris.  The filter should be checked and maintained MUCH more often than what is printed in the manual.  I service mine about every 4-5,000 miles, if nothing else just to clean out the bugs and large debris.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Due to ill health I only have 1600 miles on my 2015. I'm currently in the throes of deciding whether to sell the bike or not. I've been riding for 57 years and it may be time to quit.

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