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Knight Design footpegs

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I run the MFW Vario pegs on my VTR1000F (http://www.twistedthrottle.com/mfw-vario-footpeg-mount-rider-most-honda-models), the 23 mm units and racing pegs; very adjustable and durable. With the comparably good leg room on the FJ-09, I just went with a set of knock-offs of the FZ6 rubber covered foot pegs for $8 on ebay. They are longer for more room for those with larger feet, and their mass and the rubber reduces vibration; i.e., I recommend them.
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Wow... they must be special! $169!!!
It kinda makes you wonder how the Chinese product can be made and mailed to the buyer for $8 (AUD$14.36 mailed to me here in Oz)!   No complaints though - I'm on my second such pair (third bike) and am totally happy with them.

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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