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VOTE! Should we get rid of "mobile mode" ??

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Ok, we have the ability to get rid of the restricted "Mobile Mode" when visiting from a tablet or smartphone.
But, doing so means that the forum will not be responsive. This is a big freaking forum and until Version 6 is ready to launch from our software developer, the big ass forum will be kinda huge on your smartphones and if we do this, you will have to use your fingers to expand or collapse the size of the forum on your smartphones and tablets.
I am assuming that all of you have smartphones, right?
The benefit of not having mobile mode is that all forum features will be available on your smartphones and tablets.
So, please VOTE! If you don't vote and things change, ......
And, to help get your FULL attention
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...The benefit of not having mobile mode is that all forum features will be available on your smartphones and tablets....
If I can switch on the fly to see whatever format I need... why defeat the option server side? Just asking... running low on resources? If it helps you any... no matter to me. 

Over the years, I got complaints about mobile mode being default.
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I turn off the mobile mode on all sites (fjrforums, stryker forums, now this forum) I think the layout sucks and if I really wanted a mobile mode I'll just download and install tapatalk. The "enhanced and non-enhanced" mobile versions are laid out pretty terribly on all of the above sites which I assume are run by the same org. I spend most of my time running in "desktop mode" until the cookies expire and I have to yet again clear out the mobile version. I prefer tapatalk if I'm using mobile.
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I use mobile mode on my phone pretty regularly... desktop mode works just fine too. I like the ability to switch between the 2.

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Here's a question: Whose resources will be saved by removing the 'Mobile Mode'? Eliminating this will make the HTML programming easier, as the programmer will only have to do a single coding, as opposed to two different (ie. Mobile, & Desktop) codings, but, for the users, their mobile data usage will increase drastically.
While 'Mobile Mode' functionality might be limited, it's really not all that "limited". Besides, as already pointed out be others, if one needs to remove those "limitations", you only need to switch to 'Desktop Mode'. Some of us have "unlimited data" plans, so it didn't really matter for us...but others have limited monthly data allotment, and, for those people, forcing them to only use 'Desktop Mode' could cause them stop accessing the forum via their mobile devices as their data usage (as pointed out, above) could increase by a considerable amount. Of course, there are those of us to, when mobile, access the forums via the Taptalk app, which cuts down on dates usage even further.
The initial post explains some of the benefits of eliminating the 'Mobile Mode', but it fails to mention/explain the negatives of going this route. I have unlimited data...but, for those of you with monthly data allotment, before you vote, you need to consider how often you access via your phone/tablet, and understand how much your data usage will increase if 'Mobile Mode' is eliminated.
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Nice... I can select multiple choices, so I fully support both mobile mode AND beer & titties.
The vast majority of my forum browsing is casual review on my phone, and mobile mode works well for quick consumption of information within the limited screen real estate of a smartphone. If I want to post photos, I’ll toggle over to full desktop mode, but otherwise the default mobile layout works great for 90% of my interaction.
I almost always browse via the ‘recent threads’ option, so the relative ease to navigate up & down through the forum structure doesn’t really matter much to me. Search works great in mobile mode, so no complaints there.
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