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Electrical issues?


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Hi there, im new to the forum, can't believe I didn't find this forum sooner, it's rife with amazing information that could have stopped many a headache. Anyhow moving on. 


So I'm still fairly new to motorcycles, been riding 5 years, so I'm learning as I go, so please be patient with me 😂😅


I have the 2015 mt09 tracer and think I have a electrical problem, prehaps wiring loom or rectifier? I thought maybe battery but it's not long been replaced last week, and no change so that's out of the question 


So my symptoms are present under hard acceleration, and when I absolutely peg it they get more intense,

 occasionally it sounds a little rough, I couldn't quite figure it out what was causing it, so if I turn my denali fog lights on low beam, no problems, If I turn full beam on its fine while throttle is anywhere from 0 - 20ish percent, but any more than that and the fog light full beam starts flashing almost in tune with the revs, it's got to be a electrical problem right? But the question is where do I point the finger, any tips or where to look and how to test with basic tools would be greatly appreciated, I have a multimeter, but don't confuse me for someone that knows what there doing with it😂


Also occasionally it's almost like I hit a fake rev limiter and it boggs down and backfires all in quick succession and then it's all back to normal, to be fair its only happened twice in the last few months but I'm sure it's linked.. 


Would a faulty rectifier cause this or am I more likely looking for a wiring loom problem? 


A little background on the bike and how it's used,

 So she's got 65k on the clock, I am a courier and do roughly 25k a year, so she's a work horse but I'd like to say she gets very well looked after, with all the required maintenance usually before the service manual calls for it, oil changes are once a month regardless of if I've hit 6k, just figured all the starting and stopping, I'd rather not have a engine go boom just because I skimped out on oil. 


My bike is faaar from stock, I've got the following electronics 

Denali d4 led pods

Innov k2 dashcam

Denali sound bomb

Heated grips (OEM) 

Healtech Quickshifter

Healtech speedo healer

Smart turn system auto canceling turn signal


Is this prehaps just the case of to much load..? 

If this was the case would it not be a problem from the get go? I haven't added any new electronics for a good year, and only having this problem in the last 2 months.


Well ladies and gentlemen, I think it's time I let you speak, so with that, over to you! 







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Take that multimeter, put it on DC volts 20 volts scale and put the negative on the battery negative and the positive on the battery positive.

With key off battery should be at least 12 volts, best 12.6 volts. You should see 14.4 volts with engine idling.  

With that use you stop and start that bike a lot right? Lots of traffic? seems a lot of accessory load especially heated grips.

It might be too much for the charging system.

You should put it on a Battery Tender when not in use.

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Hi peteinpa, thanks for the reply, 

So not sure how helpful the battery voltage is gunna be to you as I do leave it on a battery tender, but I unplugged it and took a key out reading, it's at 13.16v 

And as for when running I read between 14.3 and 14.31v turned off any non stock loads so that's as it comes from the factory. Should it be bang on 14.4?

Yeah lots of stop start, I do have everything running through switched power sources so I'm not TOO worried about slow drain, pluss it never really gets more than 3 days off and plugged in soo.. 😂😂 Poor bike..

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Of all the accessories that you mentioned, I don't think that any of them other than the lights would draw very much current. I have an Innov K2 on my Wing and if memory serves me correctly the whole installation draws only about 1.5A. The one thing that I'm not familiar with is the speedo-healer. I don't know how that works, or how it ties into the bikes ECU. Wondering if something could be amiss there.

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Hmm interesting, I'll have to have a look at that.. Because I'm pretty sure I have a broken wire on the speedo healer, as once or twice now my speedo will flash 0 and then back to the speed I'm going, while we're on if memory serves us I think it plugs in between the rear wheel speed sensor and the rest of the bike?

I 've been putting off replacing the cable, prehaps I should just do it and see what happens.. But question, I assumed this was purely for knowing speed, tsc and abs, so how would this effect lights ect?

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Diagnosis is always difficult with multiple farkles wired in. The only reliable way is to disconnect one item at a time and see if it helps. I’d start with the speedo healer if it taps into the rear ABS sensor in case it is triggering fuel cut at the ECU.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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Agree with @BBB you may be experiencing the traction control kicking on.  Check your wiring for the speedo healer. If you used any type of Scotchlock or unsealed T-Tap or the like to make your connections instead of soldering, then I would verify ALL of those.

corrosion is sneaky, can be intermittent, and can cause huge headaches. 

have you checked and cleared codes, and then gone for a ride to get the bike to act up - and checked codes again?

when did you replace the spark plugs last?


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14.4 is what I get on my bike, you sound good. As a final check I'd check when bike is good and hot. stators do break down with heat.

I'd check wiring to aux. lights then for flickering. Are they LED? If so they might be going bad.

The very occasional running hiccups might be bad gas or water in the gas. Fuel pump also.

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I don't think you have too many accessories. On my 2015 FJ-09 I run:

  • OEM heated grips
  • 90w Heated jacket 
  • 14w PIAA LED lights 
  • GPS
  • Volt meter

I can run all of these at full power and still show 13.8-13.9VDC on the meter and no running issues. I still have the original battery. The Tracer charging system is more than adequate for a few farkles. 

I agree that the speedo healer is the first place to start. It doesn't fully explain the flickering lights, but if the ABS sensor signal is interrupted that will definitely trigger traction control.

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Thank you guys for all your replies and support, so I've got a new symptom as off tonight,


It's been on and off light rain and the above issues have intensified, now regardless of hard acceleration the lights flickers above 4k rpm and feels like the power bogs down, if I twist a little it doesn't feel or sound right, but twist enough it suddenly barks back to life..

@skipperTPrehaps your on to something with the corrosion... 


 I'll have to check my connections as I'm sure I could have at least one of those unsealed wire taps prehaps that's the cause.


@BBB I need to replace the speedo healer harness anyway so think that is my next call of action. 


@peteinpaThe fog lights are Led, I hope there not going! Weren't cheap! 

@keithu Completely forgot about heated jacket how ever its rearly used, mainly just for touring

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34 minutes ago, Puregreen59 said:

It's been on and off light rain and the above issues have intensified

@skipperTPrehaps your on to something with the corrosion...  I'll have to check my connections as I'm sure I could have at least one of those unsealed wire taps prehaps that's the cause.

Last Fall I was on a road trip and got stuck in a Monsoon-like rain storm, the GPS and heated grips both stopped working.  Turns out I blew a fuse in the downpour.  Afterward, when I returned home I took most of the connectors apart (that I could readily reach with the tank and side panels off), sprayed them with electrical contact cleaner and added a bit of dielectric grease, I did the same with the fuse panels as well. 

Those 2 items should always be in your bike chemicals cabinet with oils and greases, brake fluid etc. if you EVER ride in the rain.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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