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Fall Color Ride Time


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Where are you riding this fall to enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful scenery?  

I just finished a 4-day fall color ride with about a dozen friends.  We rented a house near the Cumberland Gap and traveled through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.  Great weather, roads, and company.  Leaves are just starting to turn but the views and curves made for a great time.  We did about 850 miles with most of them NOT on the center of the tire tread.  I hope everyone can get out and do a little high-lean-angle social distancing.  

Ride Safe!  

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I enjoyed some nice fall colors on my ride up into the Cascade Mountains last weekend, but I didn't get any good pictures of it. The forecast calls for snow in the mountains Saturday morning, so that might be my last ride of the year in the higher elevations. 


Maybe this weekend I'll look for some color in the Willamette Valley and Coast Range. 

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