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Barbacks advice

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Hello you helpful lot. I'm prepping my 2020 900 GT for a 3 month cross country trip so farkles are all about practicality and comfort. I'd like the riding position to be a little more upright and feel like the bars need to come and inch or two closer to me. Has anyone installed barbacks? If so, which ones and what's your verdict? 


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Good advice if you're happy with the rearward sweep (& hand grip downward angle).  I wasn't, so after actually going to lower bars, went to the trouble of shortening each end by a 1/2" (a pipe cutter works great), then drilling & tapping the Rental Street Naked bend for the OEM bar end inserts.  Not too bad, remounting the KTM hand guards was the biggest pain.

Fatbar Handlebars from Renthal

Rox risers provide more rise but also significant adjustability.


Lifetime WarrantyMade in the USA2" (51mm) Center-to-Center RisePivots...


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Thanks guys! Looks like the Motopump gives 20mm pullback and 25mm rise. The Heli's give 29mm both up and back. Think I'll go for the Heli's. Thanks for advice 

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3 hours ago, ontheroad said:

Does the heli riser work with stock cables for the 2015 FJ-09.I know on their website it says that will but has anyone used them without any mods on their bike.


I have the Heli Bars riser and stock cables with no issues. 

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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