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Cruise Control Decel Button does not Always Work

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I purchased a 2021 Tracer 9GT in Sept 2021 and this has been an issue since I have owned the bike.  When using the cruise control the decel button does not always works correctly.

With the CC turned on I get up to speed and hit the set button, and the bike stays at that speed. 

If I am gaining on someone and hit the decel button one of 3 things happen:

-               -  Nothing, no change in speed

-            - It slows 1 mph (is supposed to be 2 mph per the manual)

-              -   It correctly slows 2 mph

When I hit the decel a second time, it works correctly and drops 2 mph.

It does this in any gear.  This also happens after I hit resume. 

I am curious if any others have noticed this?  I have an appt with the dealer to look at it.

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That happened with me on an older Super Tenere with factory cruise.  I opened the switch housing slightly and sprayed contact cleaner in the switch while working all of the buttons and switches …… problem solved.

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Not exactly, but a few times I’ve hit the decel button and perhaps it only dropped 1 rather than 2. I will pay closer attention and nail it down. I prefer a 1 interval, so when it happened I noticed it but couldn’t swear that it actually happened. Usually, it drops 2. However I have not had it fail to respond. 

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I hit the decel when it appears I'm gaining on a vehicle ahead where it may put me too close. I use my eyes to judge when I've slowed enough.  The speed change is not instantaneous, and I dont care what the UM states.

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Here is what I think is happening (I looked through the owners' and shop manual, and cannot confirm this).

After setting the cc, there is some sort of 'timeout' - whether mechanical (first change) or time-based. If you try to '-' after setting the speed, no action is taken. It works on the second click though.

If you set your speed to an odd number - ex. 61mph - the first change will be to either 60 or 62, depending which way you go. After that, '+' and '-' go at 2mph (per manual and observed).

I love having cc on the bike and I used it quite often, so this is based purely on my observations.

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