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Side stand angle?

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3 hours ago, Great Gonzo said:

Does anyone find that the side stand leans the bike over too far ?

I have a large heavy top box fitted and when using the side stand it just feels like it’s going to fall over lol. 


What others have done is take the side stand to a welding shop (or do it yourself if you have the equipment) and have them cut it in half.  The side stand is hollow so a steel bar can be inserted inside and have them weld it back together 10-15mm longer, you don't want to take out too much of the lean.

I am not aware of an adjustable length side stand available for this bike.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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2 hours ago, KrustyKush said:

My 21 T9GT is so tall, I’m happy for it to lean a little harder to let me on. However I don’t feel like mine leans too far at all. It sits at a very “normal” lean angle. Has OP bike been in a crash of any kind?

No I’ve had the bike from new, I’ve got sports bikes too but these don’t lean as much. 
TBH it’s not really a massive issue as I use the centre stand 95% of the time. 
i was just curious if others felt the same. 


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14 minutes ago, RaYzerman said:

If the bike has been lowered, it will stand up straighter....... is that why it tipped over on the right side?

Not lowered.  It was a similar foot like I had on my FZ but on that bike I had a an R1 rear shock which raised the rear about 1/4" to 1/2".  The T9GT is stock and the foot made it stand almost verticle.

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Your preload must be cranked up? Mine leans quite a bit as that is my scenario, but a sidestand foot has helped that a tad bit. I will get a proper shock/spring soon and that will solve the dilemma, although my lean doesn't make the bike unstable IMHO.

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1 hour ago, KrustyKush said:

I read over on a Goldwing forum, someone had their rear tire go flat overnight whilst on side stand. Wing fell over to the right side. Bummer. 

Heavy bike with soft tires I guess?  I had a slow leak over the winter and the rear tire was essentially flat, but the sidewalls and such were strong enough the tire never deformed on the side stand!  good thing about a light motorcycle I guess :)   I've also seen Goldwings embed their center stand in asphalt down south...


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