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Harbor freight lift 300 with coupon

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  • 2 months later...
I bought one on sale. It makes working on my bikes a lot easier as my back is getting older every year.
There is a large pin that you can put through holes in the lift mechanism for safety and take weight off the hydraulic jack. There are only two holes for the pin, but I put blocks of plywood between the pin and frame to set the height of the ramp I want it to be.
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The clamp is bolted on, it's not very good, you still should tie down your bike when lifting, etc. (which is what those loops are for on the side.)
I bought the same harbor freight one 2 years ago. I'm happy with it.
It does take a bit of space, but it has wheels (you lift it off the wheels when using it), so it rolls out of the way easy enough. And as mentioned it is very heavy.
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I used it for the first time yesterday. I'm a little annoyed at how wobbly it is, but I mean, its Harbor Frieght, you get what you pay for. Lifted and held just fine. Just didn't "feel" great.
I didn't even install the stupid front tire clamp. I'll use a rear stand and tie downs.

'15 FJ09

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7 1/2"  to top of lip on each side which is not removable without cutting it off.
26 3/4" wide
10 1/2" to top of front wheel stop, removable with 2 bolts
12" wheel vise, also removable with bolts
8 1/2" to top of removable U clamps for bike tie down
foot pedals just pull off
It took me a few days to figure out what you were asking, Taco TuRD was not in my vocabulary.
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IMG_1901.jpg I didn't join the membership club at harbor freight so I guess they mailed out a bunch of the coupons. 
Do you like those keyless cases? Do they add any width to the bike? Each one will fit a full face helmet, right? 

I have them as well. They definitely add width. They have TONS of space, actually too much IMO even on multi day rides. They fit my full face helmet with ease. The keyless option is nice, I do like it and use it often. They definitely can turn the bike into a grocery getter with no problem.
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