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Where to? Wiring up the PC-8 and Denali lights


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Have a few questions about adding the Eastern Beaver PC-8  fuse box, as well as some new Denali driving lights.

1) Both say to hook into a 'hot wire' as a trigger and wondering if anyone has any advice on where or which wires. I can see the wires going into the tail light but not sure if I should strip some of that away to get to it or try somewhere else.

Eastern Beaver gives you a splice but Denali just has a terminated wire. 

2) Oh yeah, if I am going to power the Denalis from the fuse box, should I remove the in-line fuse that came with the lights? 

3) And lastly, anyone know which fuses go into which colored fuse holder on the PC-8? There is a white one and a black one, presumably to hold a 20 and a 30a fuse. But nothing on their site (that I can find) advises if which goes where or if that is even important.

Hope that all made sense! Thanks in advance for the expert advice I know is available on the forum.




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Well, I may have been successful. Just need to do some aiming of the Denali's after dark.

Added to the PC-8 from Eastern Beaver:

  • Denali DR1, mounted on the front forks
  • Garmin Zumo
  • Beltronics radar detector (purely for safety reasons!)
  • Heated vest controller (Warm & Safe)

So far, everything seems to work. Hope this wasn't a fatal flaw, but I tied both the trigger wires (Denali and fuse block) into the same aux plug referenced above. You can see from the pix, it is crowded under the seat. But all seems to fit... 




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