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  1. I managed to get 2 inches in height, but I had to reroute my cables to do it.
  2. I guess you would call it clutch pull. I don't like the factory setting. I have to let the clutch half way out before the bike starts moving. I want it to start "grabbing " as soon as I start to release the lever
  3. After I get them installed and we get a warm enough day, I'll let you know if they fixed my problem and whether or not I like them.
  4. I just ordered adjustable clutch and brake levers, radiator guard and a tail tidy and I'm pretty sure one of my sons is buying me the Rox risers, so my bike and I are having a good Christmas. Now what do I get my wife now with so little time left???
  5. I just placed an order for the Evotech performance adjustable clutch and brake levers, hope they work out for me🙃
  6. Sometimes it's cheaper to keep polishing the old helmet than finding an alternative 🤔, they can be real expensive sometimes, but they can be worth there wait in gold sometimes too😁
  7. Christmas is getting close, what are some things you would like for your bike for Christmas?? Me, I would like a K & L MC625R motorcycle lift table and McCruise cruise control
  8. Thanks for all the advice, I'm looking into some new levers, but not in a real hurry right now with winter setting in. I'll spend more time on the Goldwing now to stay a little warmer
  9. I followed your link and put in my bike, '19 tracer 900, and it say sc it doesn't fit my bike. I'll keep looking. Thanks again for your help
  10. I appreciate your help and will be on the lookout for some good adjustable levers, any suggestions? I've been riding bikes for about 40 years now and this is the first bike that I can recall that I've had an issue with the clutch that i couldn't get adjusted to my liking. Thanks again for your advice
  11. I've tried adjusting the lower end several times and once I get it where I like it, the clutch lever is way too loose and after I adjust the lever to have the proper play, I'm back where I started. I haven't tried moving the acuating arm yet. For some reason I was thinking that had a crimped on piece of metal that I wouldn't be able to move, but I will look at that again. I even took it to as local dealer and the tech said he couldn't adjust it to where I want it and my only option would be an adjustable clutch lever. But to me that doesn't change anything but the distance that my fingers extend out to pull thr lever. Am I wrong?
  12. I didn't have any trouble getting the cable out, but I can't seem to get the cable adjusted to my liking. I want the bike to start moving when I start releasing the clutch handle, but everytime I get it adjusted to my liking, the clutch lever is super loose and when I adjust the knob by the lever, it puts me right back where I was, which is roughly about half way out on the clutch lever before the bike starts moving. Any ideas??
  13. Looks like the primer coating in the mold popped loose in that spot and left a mark on the casting when they made it. I would bet it's only cosmetic, but I would show it to the dealer just so it's on their radar if you ever do have a problem.
  14. I would check the run out on both of your rotors. I had a minor fender bender on my bike years ago and the rotor was warped just enough o cause it to drag. With that being said, it doesn't explain your loss in power. Good luck!