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  1. 2 -5 inches of snow and up to a 1/2" of snow tonight, Think I might wait a few days for it all to melt.
  2. @Shizzle I did buy the one with bultex foam, at least that's what the paperwork said and what I paid for, but after taking it apart there was nothing more than the foam they use on the factory seat. The passenger seat seems to be okay, but I went back the stock seat for me and raised the front end which seems to help ALOT. I don't understand why they would have so much forward lean on a stock seat.
  3. I bought the Bagster seat earlier this year and was very disappointed with it. I had my neighbor who does custom upholstery take it apart to add some more cushion to it. When he removed the seat cover there was the same hard, spray in expanding foam that is used on the stock seat and not much of it. You are better to have your stock seat rebuilt in my opinion, and don't forget to raise the front of the seat up to level it out! That was the biggest improvement I got and the cheapest mod.
  4. I've been eying that bike for awhile now and if I could sale my Tracer, I would buy it in a heartbeat! Good luck!
  5. Good to have you back! Hope your staying healthy over there. The new bike looks nice.
  6. Awesome pictures, I would love to make a ride up there some day.
  7. @Clegg78 I was just wondering, since you have the equipment and know how, Is there a way you could make a base plate that would attach to the back side of the windshield holder so that the phone would be positioned just above the instrument cluster?
  8. Sorry to hear about the bad start to your day, but at least you still got to go enjoy a ride
  9. @betoney I like that idea, I haven't seen those before, I will get a pair or 3 ordered, thanks.
  10. @koth442 thanks, I'll try that. Do you not use the wheel chock at all? @BBB I can put it on the center stand on the lift, but I was concerned about it tipping over by accident and was wanting suggestions on extra support whiole the table is in the air.
  11. So, after many years of crawling around on the ground to work on my bikes, my wife finally let me buy a motorcycle lift table (Handy S.A.M 1200). It showed up yesterday afternoon and I immediately set it up, installed the wheel vise and put my Tracer on it to test it out. Handy's paperwork says the bike must be supported by something other than just the wheel vise, but when I tried strapping it down by placing the straps just inside of the grips and controls on to the handlebars and down to the table it was too narrow and I was concerned about it squeezing the plastic bits too much and possibly damaging them, so I wound up strapping to the passenger pegs mounts and going rearward to the back of the table which should be fine until I want the rear tire in the air for maintenance. Any suggestions for supporting it at the front end?
  12. I know the wires were a tight fit and I had to relocate several wire/cables so if they made any thing anything shorter from the factory he could have some problems, but then again the dealer might not of went through the effort of moving things around, because mine fits just fine. Good luck!
  13. How true! I switched to the mid thigh spandex type underwear years ago, makes a huge difference! Now thats the only kind I wear all the time!
  14. GP46: I could take some pictures but they would look the same as the ones that Wordsmith posted on his writeup on the Bagster seat. As for now, I would say it doesn't help with the pain in the tailbone, but like I said and to Wordsmith's point, I have only gone 45 miles on it. I hope to get out and ride some more this week while I'm off work. quaxom: I ride with mine in the high position, as I have fairly long legs and a shorter torso, lol. Wordsmith: I will be riding some more and hoping for it to get more comfortable, I was just hoping for your "Love at first sit", but it does look very nice on the bike.
  15. I just received my new Bagster seat (Ready Luxe with bultex),I installed it on my Tracer, looks nice, no issues, but was disappointed in the comfort after riding it about 45 miles. It helps with the forward lean some, but it seemed to me that it was more the material type holding me in place as there was still some lean in it. As far as padding, it almost seems like the oem seat has more. Maybe I just have a bony butt! I'm 5'11, 175lbs. YMMV
  16. I have a 2019 Tracer and the Rox risers fit like a glove. I did have to move some cables around to make it work , but it fits me better now. Just waiting on my Bagster seat to get here any then add MCcruise later this summer
  17. I managed to get 2 inches in height, but I had to reroute my cables to do it.
  18. I guess you would call it clutch pull. I don't like the factory setting. I have to let the clutch half way out before the bike starts moving. I want it to start "grabbing " as soon as I start to release the lever
  19. After I get them installed and we get a warm enough day, I'll let you know if they fixed my problem and whether or not I like them.
  20. I just ordered adjustable clutch and brake levers, radiator guard and a tail tidy and I'm pretty sure one of my sons is buying me the Rox risers, so my bike and I are having a good Christmas. Now what do I get my wife now with so little time left???
  21. I just placed an order for the Evotech performance adjustable clutch and brake levers, hope they work out for me🙃
  22. Sometimes it's cheaper to keep polishing the old helmet than finding an alternative 🤔, they can be real expensive sometimes, but they can be worth there wait in gold sometimes too😁
  23. Christmas is getting close, what are some things you would like for your bike for Christmas?? Me, I would like a K & L MC625R motorcycle lift table and McCruise cruise control
  24. Thanks for all the advice, I'm looking into some new levers, but not in a real hurry right now with winter setting in. I'll spend more time on the Goldwing now to stay a little warmer