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My First Crash on the FJ

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Just what we have been waiting for, Crash Information.
First, I'm okay, only broke my right fibula at the ankle.  Although it will take surgery (this Monday) it should be okay.  I bruised my knee also.  The riding gear did its job, but it was a slow speed crash, 10-15mph, as I was exiting the hwy into a pull out area because I had to take a pee real bad.  It looked nice and clean, small gravel and dirt, dry on the surface but it had an underlying layer of mud about an inch think.  It had rained about 1/4 the night before, according to the sheriff, but the roads were dry and the sun was coming up.  I will know better next time.  The front tire just slid off to the left on a slight slope.   The bike sucked my right foot under it as it laid me in the mud and pulled my foot under it twisting as it went.  My whole right side was caked in mud, including the helmet.  After all that, I rolled onto my back then got up, noticing that the right foot was whacked and made my way to the tall grass and took my pee.  Job completed.
As I was tending to business, my riding buddies (5), up righted my bike and inspected it.  I was informed that the only damage was the right turn signal which was hanging down by the wires.  After trying to fix it, I thought it was hopeless and proceeded on to determining if I could go on.  After all, this was only Day 9 of a 14 day ride to Colorado.  When I got dizzy and decided to lay down again, I informed the guys to call 9-1-1.  No 9-1-1.  With in 10 minutes we had called the Sheriff and within 15 minutes I had a EMT asking me questions.  This all happened very near Creede, Colo.  I was taken to Del Norte, Colo.'s Rio Grande Hospital where x-rays were taken and it was determined that I needed surgery.  They couldn't do that so I got a flight back to  Portland, Or.  While I was being escorted away from the crash scene in an ambulance, my riding buddies were taking my bike to a storage facility in Creede.  They all showed at the ER to hear the news and helped me book a flight.  With me off to Alamosa airport by noon, they continued on to Ouray for the night and just finished the ride today back in Portland.
Although I didn't have time to inspect the bike, I'm sure there are scratches here and there, especially on the mud caked side bag, which may have saved my leg some, the rest of the bike faired well.  I have no crash guards or sliders etc.  When I get pictures, I will post them.  Here is my only picture:
wqPCWX5.jpg sI28OtD.jpg?1
Knee pad from the Tourmaster Venture vented riding pants did a good job.
khu3tsy.jpg?1  sTyVyJi.jpg

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Sorry to hear of your crash. Hope you are up and riding soon. Your gear most likely helped to minimize your injuries. Get back in the saddle soon. I have only been riding for about 3 years, three bike, with about 25,000 miles. Lots of close calls but no wrecks. I wear full gear every time I ride. I get crap from my cruiser friends whos idea of full gear is jeans, sneakers, long sleave t-shirt and a non dot 1/2 helmet.
Get well soon.
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Ouch, heal up soon.
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