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Intent to Recall - lower handlebar holder issue


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2015 - 2017 FJ-09
2014 - 2017 FZ-09
2016 - 2017 XSR900
Issue: Lower handlebar holder may have been painted improperly during manufacturing. Additionally, the stud bold threads of the lower handlebar holder may not have had adequate thread-locking agent applied.
As a result, if a strong external impact is applied to the handlebar, the paint on the bottom of the lower handlebar holder may be damaged. Over time, the paint can wear off, creating clearance that allows the stud bolt to loosen due to engine vibration. If the stud loosens of falls off, the handlebar holder may come loose from the handle crown, causing loss of control.
There's not much more information and nothing on the exact VIN's affected. I couldn't find anything about it on the internet as of yet. Has anyone heard of this and have any addition information on it?
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I know that these recalls are probably written by lawyers who are trying their best to minimize the companies liability for a falty product, and leaving the consumer baffled at the same time is no doubt part of their plan, but i have to say that this one really takes the cake.
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The recall affects 22,433 units in all manufactured between Aug. 01, 2013 and Jan. 31, 2017. The Vehicle Identification Number ranges are as follows:
VIN Range 1 : Begin : JYARN33E0EA000014 End : JYARN33EXGA012044 Not sequential
VIN Range 2 : Begin : JYARN33Y0EA000024 End : JYARN33YXGA003340 Not sequential
VIN Range 3 : Begin : JYARN37E0FA000008 End : JYARN37EXHA003582 Not sequential
VIN Range 4 : Begin : JYARN37Y0FA000018 End : JYARN37YXHA001180 Not sequential
VIN Range 5 : Begin : JYARN47E0GA000002 End : JYARN47EXHA001840 Not sequential
VIN Range 6 : Begin : JYARN47Y0GA000009 End : JYARN53YXHA000306 Not sequential
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there is nothing in the UK site http://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/default.asp?tx= but my EU model is a JYARN29F and not included in that list above so maybe it is only a batch of bikes destined for elsewhere. It's most likely a batch of x thousand subassemblies made in China that were not inspected properly.
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The recall has started in the UK, whilst speaking with my dealer today I asked if they knew of the recall, a few minutes later a claim had been lodged.
Not seen any info regarding the recall on any website DVSA/Yamaha ...
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Looks like my bike isn't affected, as it doesn't actually exist.  
"An error occurred with your request. Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA does not recognize your VIN. Please contact Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA by phone at 1-800-962-7926 or go to their website http://www.yamaha-motor.com/ for recall information about your vehicle."
Mine does the same everywhere I search for it.  It doesn't seem to be within the range of VINs posted either. 
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