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2 Canucks 11 Days 10 States


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In July 2017, a bud (09 Bandit) and myself (15 FJ-09) went on a trip to the states. We started in southern Saskatchewan, crossed the border into Montana and made our way to Devils Tower WY and spent the night in Deadwood SD.
Day 2 we left Deadwood and rode into the Blackhills, we had planned to stop at Mount Rushmore but the line up to get in didn't seem worth the wait. We then took the popular Iron Mountain Road hwy 16a south to Hot Springs SD for lunch. Afterward we ventured southward on hwy 71 through Nebraska and back into WY on our way to Fort Collins CO.
Day 3 we left Fort Collins road through Boulder and checked out Flagstaff rd. We then headed to Idaho springs CO and up Mt Evans which is the highest road in NA (14 271'). At the top of Mt Evans and rain shower passed through... at that altitude the rain was actually pea sized hail but no biggy we had armour. Afterward we rode through 2 hrs of rain to get to the famous Pikes Peak. On our way up we were surrounded by thunder storms which made it even more epic/dangerous. That night we stayed in Colorado Springs... which was sketchy.
Day 4 we took hwy 50, 550 , and 145 to Cortez. Drastic changes in scenery and elevation.
Day 5 We left Cortez and rode through Four Corners, Mexican Hat UT, Monument Valley and then stayed in Flagstaff AZ. (where it rains a lot)
Day 6 We checked out the South rim of the Grand Canyon and went back to Flaggstaff.
Day 7 We left Rainstaff, took a portion of Route 66, hit heavy rains and flash flooding, had to stop Peach Springs to wait for the rain to tame down a bit. Entered Nevada and left the rain our riding gear dried within minutes. We stopped at Hoover Dam and stayed in Vegas for the night.
Day 8 Left Vegas and rode down I-15 to Zion National Park. Stayed in St George UT.
Day 9 Rode back through Zion and spent the day at Bryce Canyon. Stayed in St George again.
Day 10 Left St George rode I-15 to Idaho Falls.
Day 11 Left Idaho Falls rode to Glacier National park, took the To-The-Sun-Road and onward to Calgary.
i post a lot of other motorbike posts on my instagram if anyone is interested @dan8816
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