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Someone please talk me into the FJ

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Resolution: http://fj-09.org/post/40447/thread
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I am, by nature, a horribly indecisive person when it comes to big ticket purchases.
At the end of riding season last year I had myself convinced I was going to get the FJ-09, trading in my CBR500R on which I have 2.5 years and 8000 miles experience.  However, after test riding Versys 650 this weekend, I think I might be better off with one of those but I'm not convinced because there are positives and negatives to both bikes
[ul type=disc][*]The heart wants the FJ, I like it's looks far better than the Versys and its engine too. Since we all know this is just a big toy, the heart matters quite a bit.[/ul]
[ul type=disc][*]However, I'm worried that its too much power. Either I will never exploit its power and it's just wasted money for more bike than I need - or I will try to explore its power and end up killing myself...[/ul]
[ul type=disc][*]The seat on the Versys is much cushier.  I know that some people say you actually want a firmer seat for long distance riding, but certainly on immediate comfort, the Versys wins and I know that many people here complain about the FJs seat too.[/ul]
[ul type=disc][*]Despite not actually being all that bigger than the Versys, the FJ seems gigantic to me.  I'm 5'9", so I tip-toe both bikes, but I can actually get more of my foot down on the FJ, yet somehow the FJ still seem bigger.  I think it's the very wide bars and those big tank fairings.  I wish the FJ bars were an inch or two thinner.[/ul]
[ul type=disc][*]The FJ is actually tiny bit lighter than the Versys - although some of that is because it has a smaller tank.[/ul]
[ul type=disc][*]I've put aside enough money to comfortably afford either bike, but a $3000 price difference (when including panniers) is nothing to scoff at.
[ul type=disc][*]The FJ does have more "luxury" comforts stock than the Versys - center stand, power port, gear indicator - but these can be added to the Versys without much trouble or cost.[/ul]
What I really want is the Tracer 700, i.e. what should our FJ-07, but sadly with Yamaha deciding we don't deserve the XSR700 in the US, I'm not confident they'll bring the Tracer 700 here either.  Certainly not this year in any case, and I plan on doing some long distance touring this year, which is why I can't wait and see.
Can someone make an impassioned case for getting the FJ?  Tell me that the power is actually usable, that the seat isn't that bad, that it's not too big for someone who's 5'9", and that $3000 is not much to avoid having a tinge of regret every time I look at the Versys's ugly face.
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You are a grown up. Make your own mind up.
There are countless opinions here on the good points and the weaknesses. Do some reading.
Take the responsibility for the decision. If you can't do that, buy the Versys and spend the difference on some therapy to deal with your insecurity.
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A tool for every job. Decide what you want to do with a bike and that will narrow down your choices. From what you wrote it looks like you want the Verys 650. A very nice practical bike at a good price. For me the FJ09 was more exciting and a good value. I don't think you could go wrong with either. If you want that exciting torque and power the FJ is it. If you want a daily commuter at a good price then the Verysis 650. Hey! Flip a coin!!!
A Motorcyclist's Church is the open road....
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I had a '08 Versys which I traded in for my FJ-09. I loved my Versys. I used it mainly for commuting, but you can set it up for just about whatever type of riding you want. Having said that, I just got bored with it. It wasn't slow, it actually had good usable power (although half of what the FJ-09 offers), but to me it just lacked excitement. The best thing about the versys to me was the comfort and how nimble it was. The FJ-09 gives the Versys a run for its money in terms of nimble-ness, but the Versys definitely has the edge in comfort.
To me the Fj-09 is just more refined, more advanced, smoother, more powerful and better looking.
In response to your statement about power... you have to just know your own limit. The Versys is plenty fast enough to kill yourself on. Yeah it won't power wheelie like the FJ does, but if are out on the street being a hooligan then it doesn't matter what bike you are on. You can leave the FJ out of "A Mode" and its power is very easily manageable.

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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Guest highplainsrider
You can ride the FJ in B mode until you get used to the power then start riding in standard mode. You might never find the need to use A mode but it is nice to have that option available. The 650's power may be plenty for now but if you outgrow it or get bored, you'll end up wanting another bike that makes more power.
The FJ-09 is the perfect all around bike in my opinion. It does everything well.
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First off, from everything I can tell, the Versys is a great bike. I'll start off with a little background. I was in a similar situation to you just over a year ago. I was considering a Versys or a V Strom 650. My wife wasn't comfortable at all on the Versys, otherwise it would have been much more seriously considered. I did research on a bunch of bikes for over a year before I bought the FJ. I liked the 650 Versys and v Strom but I didn't love them. The FZ was on my radar, but I really wanted ABS and it was a little tight on leg room and passenger room for my liking. This was all before the FJ was announced. The FJ was the bike I did the least amount of research on, but was the one I bought. There wasn't much info on it since it was brand new at the time though. I was going to be stretching the budget to get a v Strom at the time but I still sprung for the FJ.
Why did I buy the FJ? Simple. It had everything I wanted in a bike, passenger room, luggage room, rider ergonomics that worked for me, ABS and TCS. I was super excited about it, much more than the 650s. I loved the look, especially when compared to the Versys or v Strom. It had a lot more power, but had TCS and B Mode. As far as price, my Grandpa always taught me, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right the first time. Don't go cheap, just to save some money because you will likely spend even more to buy the thing you should have in the first place later. It especially worked out for me because my work situation has changed and I'm making more money now.
After 1 year in, any regrets? None. I feared, like you do now, that it would be too much power. I'm happy to report, that was completely unfounded. TCS keeps things under control while letting you have a good time. I live in northern Indiana and for the first time, I've ridden all 12 months of the year. I am constantly looking forward to riding my FJ. Right now, my bike is in for service and I'm traveling for work in NC. All I can think about is how much fun it would be to ride around the back roads down here but it's stuck back at a shop in Indiana getting it's fluids changed.
Even though I love the bike, that not to say it's perfect. You've hit on one thing, the seat. In all fairness, a motorcycle seat is highly personal. I've seen several people on here say they really like the stock seat. I've struggled with wind noise as well. Even with the couple negatives, I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
All this to say, motorcycles are deeply personal. What works for me may not work for you and what works for you may not work for me. And that's the beauty of it all.
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I'm actually pretty happy with the power with my CBR500R. I'm in PA and with the quality of roads around me I can barely hit even its meager limits. The upgrade is more for ergos and touring comfort. To that end, I had briefly considered a side-move to a CB500X, but at highway speeds the engine is pretty buzzy and strains a bit - plus, if I'm spending money I figured I might as well go for more of an upgrade.
The bike will be used for mainly for commuting and 4-5 hour weekend jaunts, but I'll probably take at least one big multi-day trip every year.
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Too much power!!! That's like saying a girl is too pretty..... No such thing!!!  I assure you when you have the power you will use it from time to time.  I'd rather have it and potentially grow into it instead of not having it wishing I did.
yes.... The seat sucks... Easy fix.
I'm 5'8" with a 30" inseam and the scoots height is fine.  Tip toe a little, but its light weight makes it easy to handle.
is $3k worth saving now if you want to turn around and upgrade in a year???
Don't talk yourself out of the FJ.  It will put an ear to ear grin on your face.
Just BUY IT!!!!!
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I rode the FJ at two different Yamaha demos last year. Loved the engine, overall smoothness of the bike.
Rode the Versys 650 this weekend.
It's tough to do a direct comparison with so much time separating them, but comparing to my memory of the FJ, the Versys seemed a little more flickable (due to smaller width rear tire maybe?), but also less refined. However, I was definitely more comfortable on the FJ when coming to a stop. I can just barely get both toes down with the Versys whereas with the FJ I could get the balls of both feet firmly planted despite the listed seat height for the FJ being higher. I think that's because the FJ is actually thinner in the middle than the Versys, so I can get my legs straighter. If I were to get a cushier seat for the FJ that difference may disappear though.
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A quick comment on the [em]'is there too much power?'[/em] point. Your right hand is the way to keep that under control. Plus you have the three power modes. I have never, [em]ever[/em] used the A (for mAd) mode, and I'm on my second Tracer. I use the softer B mode a little if in heavy nose-to-tail stop-start traffic and when entering and exiting my tight steep drive. Otherwise, STD mostly. Plenty of power, but not at all aggressive.
I've never ridden a Versys, but on the weight point, one of the deciding factors for me was that the Tracer FEELS so very much lighter than my previous bike (BMW R1200R) even though it's only 18kg lighter in fact, both fully fuelled.
It feels lighter and much less bulky when riding (it's very 'flickable') and even when shoving it around in the garage. Seat - agree - crap. Seat Concepts have a decent mid-price alternative, I've got on order a Bagster seat from France at a comparable landed price to USA Sargent, Corbin, or others
I must say that conceptually I quite liked the Versys, and its 'styling' - for lack of a better word - appealed (but then I like the GS's styling!).   Only thing that stopped me at that time from seriously considering the bike was the then-paint job (here in Oz), which could only be described as Dog Poo Brown.
My two bob's worth, FWIW.
[em]Wordsmith ('39 model - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia[/em]

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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Go on. You know you want to.
Honda SS50, Kawasaki Z200, Honda 400/4, Yamaha TDM900, Yamaha XT660Z Tenere, KTM 990 Adventure, BMW R1200GS, Mr Stevens, and my favourite of all: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer...a bit like FJ-09 only properly named :¬P
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Guest bruinfj09guy
Maybe compare schedule maintenance on both. I compared the FJR (Yamaha) and Concourse (Kawasaki) last spring. I didn't exactly look up the specs, but I was told by the dealer to bank on more frequent valve checks and to allocate considerable more to my maintenance budget.
Also, buy a used FJ and save your new-bike money for an FJ-10. :D
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  Tell me that the power is actually usable, that the seat isn't that bad,  

The power is usable. Granted, you won't want to give it full throttle all the time like you can on a less-powerful bike. However, you can revel in the delight that comes with judicious use of a full measure of throttle when used at appropriate times. It is what leaves me with grins after every ride. 
The seat isn't that bad, but I put a Seat Concepts on mine. I also find padded shorts to aid seating comfort.

2015 red FJ-09: Cal Sci screen, Sargent seat, ECU flash, slider combo, cruise, Rizoma bars, Matts forks, JRi shock, slipper clutch

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