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IMPORTANT forum announcement

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Hello members of FJ-09.org.
In a couple months, we will be switching forum software, moving away from Proboards to another software platform with a bunch more features that will make phone/tablet use alot easier.
The benefit will be that the forum will become easier to use, no matter where you are and what device you are using. We will also be bringing back the premium member program with a ton of new features for premium member and yes, existing premium members will be grandfathered in. A promise is a promise.
When we make the switch, you will ALL BE LOSING YOUR PASSWORDS. When we make the switch you will have to create a new password by simply clicking the "reset password" button upon logging in.
This will require using the email that you joined this forum with. You used an email address to join this forum, and when you go to reset password on the new forum, the new password link will be sent to that email address that you joined with.
You can change the email address that is attached to this forum if needed. After clicking Profile click "edit profile" click on "personal" and then follow the instructions there to change your email address, YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM AND CLICK "SAVE PERSONAL SETTINGS"!!!!
I will send reminders via pm as we get closer to the switch over date via pm. I will also place updates in this thread.
You guys will over the new forum software. Each one of you will be able to change the colors of the forum by simply clicking on a color selector and then those color selections will be stored in your computers cookies. You will have up to 24 different color choices to choose from!
Gallery will be enhanced.
You will be able to connect to your Facebook account.
We will eventually add individual blogs on the website for premium members to create their own blogs with their own url.
We will create a "groups" section that you can join and participate in separately from the main forums, and invite memebrs privately.
We will have articles.
We will have a true interactive member map, and members can opt out of the map if they choose.
Sharing posts to social media will be very easy, just click an icon in each post to share.
Customizable member profiles.
Some of these features will launch later than others, but altogether, this new forum software will kickass. It will basically be a social media site for FJ-09 owners.
We are working on converting fz07.org right now, and that conversion will roll out in the next two weeks.
Stay tuned for more by bookmarking this thread and turn on notifications in your edit profile section.
And, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR YOUR ACCOUNT ON THIS FORUM! I don't want you to lose your account on the new forum!
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Will all the existing posts be transferred to the new forum software? How about the chat?
All of the posts, most of the pics and all of the PM's will be transferred over. Some of you will lose avatars, but most of them should transfer over.
Chatbox from bottom of forum will not transfer over and we wont even have chatbox on new forum. It really doesnt hold any important info anyways.
This is taking a ton of hard work. Im staying up to about 2 am every night and then going to the day job at 8 am.
Im also up to about $2000 in cost as I have had to enlist some help creating a convertor to convert the SQL database so that nobody loses their posts, pm's or other important stuff.
I hate begging for money, as this is a free forum and it's my passion, I love reading your guys lives every day and knew that these forums would cost money when I created them.
But with that said, if anyone would like to donate to the expense of maintaining and now, converting to a better forum software, you can donate at the link below. My wife and kids say thanks! :)
If you don't wanna donate, no probs! But please consider clicking on the ebay, amazon or revzilla links above this forum in the menu bar and then buy some shet for your bike or gear. They kick me a tiny % back as a finder fee, as long as you don't have an ad blocker on.
Unlike "other" motorcycle forums, this forum isn't owned by a forum corporation with employees.This forum is owned by me, my wife and kids and three dogs.
We do our best to create a place that you can enjoy and trust. And we actually have better site security than those corporate owned forums
I promise, you will love the new software and being able to post from your phone.
I just tested uploading pics directly from iphone. easy peasy.
Tomorrow testing uploading pics from an android. Hopefully that wont require more code but if it does, I'll create it.
Thanks for helping us make this the greatest FJ-09 forum in the world. And wait to you se what I have been up to late at night. We think you will be blown away !
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