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Tracer 900 GT foot pegs


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I've developed quite an interest in this bike, but I see one major issue which bothers me a lot ... the passenger foot pegs are too close to the rider foot pegs!
It is something like 8.5inches / 21cm. From the ball of my foot to the bottom of my heel.
I've seen this mentioned in reviews.
"The downside is that the passenger footpeg brackets conflict with the heels of the pilot, making it difficult for them to ride on the balls of their feet."
"the passenger pegs sit too close to the rider’s making it hard for the rider with bigger feet to get on the balls of the foot for sports riding. If you have small feet, this mightn’t prove to be a big issue, but it drove me nuts across the test day."
I've finally gotten to sit on it over the last few days, and this one thing I do not like. It is definitely a riding style thing; many people might not mind. But I shift my foot back in curves, and run right into the passenger foot peg bracket.
Can you just remove the passenger foot pegs? No, because the side cases are attached to them.
I am quite frustrated that such a weird design choice would be the deal killer! I walked around the dealership and no other bike comes close in terms of a cramped rider foot peg configuration.
Anyone else have experience with this?
Ideas for work arounds?
All I can think of at the moment is have some custom build brackets just to mount the side case hardware to. I would think a lot of people may run into this, and eventually some after market thing will exist, like the foot peg eliminator kits (e.g. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/rg-racing-footpeg-blanking-plate-yamaha-fz-09-fj-09-xsr900).
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I'm learning to live with it as am also trying to find the side stand without looking at it. Life ain't easy for people with size 13 feet.

He who dies with the most toys wins.

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I don't think it's that big of a problem. I don't really move my feet that much, and haven't hit the rear sets yet. Driven about 5555km right now.
If you want to, you can just remove the rear sets and have a new bracket made.
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I would think that it wouldn’t be too hard to modify the existing ones. I think your heel actually hits the passenger peg itself, not the bracket correct?
Could you remove the peg and grind the 2 mounts flush with the bracket and then powder coat or paint the whole bracket?

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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I should have taken a picture of my foot on it. There is a picture 3/4 down in this review: https://www.bike-urious.com/first-ride-2019-yamaha-tracer-900gt/ "My size 12 boots often bumped up against the passenger footpeg mounting brackets. I could never put the ball of my foot on the pegs to vary seating position and maintain comfort during long riding sessions. If you’re solo riding all the time, you can unbolt the brackets."
Similar to that picture, my heel hits the big rear bracket, not just the peg or the peg pivet. I can move my whole foot out a little and rest the ball of my foot on the front peg and my heel on the pivot, but then my foot is half way off of the front foot peg. The position is roughly equivalent to what you could get by removing the rear peg and grinding off the pivot; since my foot is then half off the front peg (less secure) I don't find this a solution for me.
The FJ-09 is better in this regard, it has a couple extra inches. Perhaps the old FJ-09 foot pegs mounted on a 900GT would work, and perhaps the FJ-09 side-case bracket would also work with this setup (?).
It seems likely that a solution will have to include a custom bracket for the side cases.
These Rizoma adjustable passenger pegs for the FJ-09 (http://www.rizoma.com/street/yamaha/pe680/en?MOTO=57587068-50462991-R) intrigued me (40mm rearward relative to the FJ-09 starting point, 30-50mm lower). But it says explicitly "Warning: the PE680B cannot be installed with Yamaha OEM saddlebags."
Also perhaps some kind of forward adjustment of the rider foot pegs?
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Hello, I have the same problem. So I decided to change stsndard foot steps on accesories. They have a small regulations and its bether but not enought.

Can you explain this some more? Do you have a link to the accessory you are talking about? I can't find anything like this.
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I ride mostly on the arch of my foot and in that position there is no interference. When you move to the ball of your foot, your heal will come up against the passenger bracket (not foot peg).
At size 10.5 and on the ball of by foot, my foot kind of gets tucked or sandwiched between the driver and passenger peg/bracket and I don't mind it all.
Having my wife comfortable on the back is important too and she really enjoys the seating position of this sport tourer.
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So far I haven't bought the bike simply because of this issue. In fact, I recycled the whole list of bikes I've thought of (Versys 1000 LT, Ducati MS 950, Triumph Tiger 800,...). My initial parameters, with "fun" presumed as a given, were simple: <500lbs, >90HP, and reliable with readily available parts. I've gone in a circle and come back to the Tracer 900 GT.
So I have an idea.
Can I use the FJ-09 side case bracket and then either an FJ-09 or FZ-09 passenger foot peg?
Does anyone know if these will fit? From pictures, it looks like the FJ-09 side case bracket mounts directly to the subframe, not the rider foot peg bracket, is that correct? If so then it looks like it should work.
Then FJ-09 passenger foot pegs would be a compromise (more rider space, moderate passenger), or FZ-09 would be maximum rider space and minimum passenger space (but still able to take a passenger in a pinch).
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the pegs don't bother me either. and my wife says much roomier than the versys 650. thought i might drop the footpegs an inch when somebody makes a kit for it as they did the versys, but was surprised to drag my toes on pavement a couple of corners so maybe not. i was worried that with lengthened swing arm the bike wouldn't be quite as agile as the versys, but handling is as quick and maybe more stable when leaned over. also like the stock tires fine, what came on versys new were scary. the shape of these stock tires different but you go right to the edge of them with no drama.
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Of course this is a riding style thing, some won't mind at all, but it really bothers me that I am not able to move my feet around. I find it a rather nutty design by Yamaha.

So, two major things have happened since my last post.

1. I bought the bike! Eyes wide open, with full knowledge that I had to do something about the foot situation.

2. I tried out the previous mentioned idea ... 2018 FJ-09 side case bracket (with or without the actual FJ-09 passenger foot pegs, at the moment I don't have them)

It works! and it buys about 1.5 inches.


20190127_133925 copy2.jpg

20190202_100559 copy2.jpg

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The stays end up in the same place and support the side cases. Looks like no problems to me.

Here are some pix with the side cases on. 2019 T900GT side cases with the 2018 FJ-09 side case brackets.

20190202_100927 copy2.jpg

20190202_100932 copy2.jpg

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adding photos
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This might well fix the issue for me. I went for a brief 15 minute ride (before the rains we expect in San Diego today), and while there could be a little more room I think this is at a level where I would just get used to it.

2018 FJ-09 passenger foot pegs could be installed over these, but would still result in some reduction of pilot foot room since they'd fill up the outside of those brackets. I don't carry a passenger, I don't give a hoot about passenger comfort, but it does seem like a useful thing for emergencies. So I was thinking of seeing if the FZ-09 passenger foot pegs could be installed over these side case brackets.

We'll see.

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