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How to post pics and do stuff on the forum


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Ok, so we made the big change to the new forum.  And now there is so much new stuff. 

1. Login.   If you were a member before the change, you have to click on 'Forgot Password" first time that you login. The system will then send you an email (check junk folder) and you must click the link in the email and change your password.  Then, login as normal! 


2. Set up your Profile page.  Click on your username at the top right of the forum.  Now, click on "Profile".  From here, you can upload your little "Profile pic" and this is the little pic that goes up nxt to all of your posts. 

Now, upload your Profile's "Cover Photo".  Like Facebook this is the big cover pic that goes at the top of your profile. 

Not done yet! Now, click on "Edit Profile" and turn on "Status Updates". then scroll down and click "Save".


3. What the heck are "Status Updates"?   Its the social media portion of our website. You can post status updates from your profile page and logged in members will see what you posted, displayed on the main forum page.  Place an @ before someone's username and your post will appear on their status update.  You can share pics, you can share posts from the forum, you can share stuff from outside of this website, too. 


4. How to post pics on the forum.  From a new post or Status update, you can upload pics from your device to this website and they will display where you post them. 

In a Post or Status Update, go to the bottom left and click on "Choose Files" , find your desired image on your device and upload it. 

how to post pics.PNG


If your image is already hosted on a website somewhere, just copy the "Share link" and come back here to your new post or status update, and click on "insert other media" and follow the directions to paste in the URL.  This is also where you load Gif's. 

save other media.PNG

More tips coming soon, check back for more! 

Click below to learn how to start your own bike album in Gallery!

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On 12/11/2018 at 11:03 AM, vic said:

Hi Cruizin. 

Is there an equivalent to recent posts/threads on the new site?


Yes, click All Activity. Then you can choose "Expanded" for all recent posts or click "condensed" to see recent threads.


You can hover your muse over "Browse" and then click "my activity streams" and choose from the below, or even create your own custom "activity steam"

These options are so better than just recent posts or threads" . 

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 4.08.58 PM.png

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I seem to have difficulty getting digital pix to be added to my posts (some, not all).   Camera is  a Panasonic DMC-SZ1.   Even if I heavily crop a pic it is often knocked back.   I seem to recall - though maybe wrongly, for I am in a cuppla other Forums - that previously we could 'shrink' a pic that was to be posted.

It's probably me, but can someone help with this problem?   As it is said - no pic means it didn't happen!


Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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18 hours ago, piotrek said:

Is there a way to scale down posted video sizes (viewable), i.e. set an iframe attribute, similar to what the old SW allowed us to do. Not all videos need to be giant in viewable size. Working with images is great... how about the videos?!! 😛

Embedded videos are restricted to being no more than 420px wide, but to also never be wider than a browser can handle.  There are not any other settings, besides the youtube settings.    

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Guys, you can paste facebook and other posts/vids/updates here. 

Same way you do it when pasting youtube vids, and they auto embed. Even reddit posts. 

Facebook, go to the post with the pic/video, click on the time/date located below. 



On that page that opens, simply copy the url in your browser, then paste it into a post here on the forum. That facebook post will now auto embed in your post!  Like below


Now when someone waste's a helpful tech post where it will get lost and buried on facebook in two days, bring it here and put it in the tech tips section, where it will be seen by and help thousands of other tracer/FJ bowners for years.  Killer pics, funny bike vids.  Just do the above and share it here. 

NOTE: private groups posts will not embed, only members of those groups can see those posts. 

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How to share youtube videos to our new "videos" platform. 

Click below to watch a tutorial on how to share youtube videos in out videos platform. Get a bunch of views, subscribers or just share a cool video that you watched. 


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It is really important to get your notification settings set up correctly. Notifications can be sent to you via email, to your notification icon at the top of the forum and with Chrome or Firefox browsers, you can even get a notification on your home screen and browser, even when you are not on the forum. 


On a computer, click your username at the top right of the forum.  The below box will pop up. Click on "Account Settings".

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 5.36.42 PM.png


On a phone/Mobile device, you want to click the three lines located at the top right of your screen, Then click on "Account", then click on "Account Settings".  Mobile users, see below.

Click Account


Click Account Settings


This is what account settings looks like.   From here, click on "Notification Settings". 


From here you can change your email, password and below you can adjust notification settings, as well as check on what users you have ignored on the forum and also go edit your profile settings. But for now, lets focus back on "notification Settings". 


On a phone, notification settings look a little different in order, but are essentially the same.  

Notification settings. Scroll down to see all options and click "save" at bottom when done! 




When you first visited the forum, your Browser (google, firefox, internet explorer) asked you if you want to allow the forum to send you browser notifications).  If you clicked "yes", then you will have the below box displayed in your notification settings.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 6.26.14 PM.png


If you clicked no, then you are not getting browser notifications that match your forum notification settings that you set on the notification settings page. 

Browser notifications usually make a "ding" noise and display the notification on the corner of your screen when you get a notification.  I use this to know when one of you have send me a PM, or mentioned me in an status update or in a post. I also get a notification when a topic that I follow has been updated. 

This, to me, keeps me up to date. But if you have set email notifications for instances when you want to be notified, those will pop up on your screen when you get the email, so don't worry if you did not allow forum browser notifications. 

If you still want forum browser notifications, go to your browser's settings and tur on "allow browser notifications" and then allow it for tracer900.net".  Feel free to do a search in your browser for how to adjust your browser notifications. 

Again, in this forums notification settings, you can also choose to turn on email notifications for many different instances. 


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How to go to the first unread post in a topic.  YOU CAN EASILY DO THIS FROM THE "UNREAD" PAGE, OR THE FRONT PAGE OR FROM WITHIN A BOARD.  Just click on the dot or star to the left of the title , as seen in the image below. 

Yes, it's that easy! 

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 8.32.28 PM.png

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Ok, due to high demand, we have listened to you and brought back the "all activity" button at the top left of the forum. 

If you are on your phpne, just click the three little lines at the top right of your screen, then click on "all activity". 

This shows all posts, status updates, member map pins and activity, in order.   Great way to check out what's going on the past few days. 

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Ok, users can now enter location in their Profile, and that location will show under their profile pics when they post on the forum. ( see my location under my profiule pic)

Just click your username, click profile, and "edit profile".  Enter your location in the "Location" field. Click "Save" .

Also, if you guys had "location" filled out on the old forum in your profile, it should now show under your profile pics as well! 


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