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2021 tracer

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I woudn't want to judge until I see the bike in the metal, My first thoughts when I saw the new headlight arrangement was a wee alien bursting out of the host body in one of these sci-fi movies. Better view might be the rear end, thats what most drivers will see when you are hustling past in an overtake.

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Looks okay to me.  But then, none of the MT/Tracers look particularly attractive to me anyway.  That's not why I bought mine.  Even so, just to nitpick.....I would have preferred a full gloss finish on my '20 GT...not a big fan of matte paint jobs.  

 "As for the chassis, the same ones used on the new MT-09 will most likely be adopted into the new Tracer 900..." 

I wonder if they made room for a more comfortable seat design for 2021?  That would be a detail worth Yamaha's attention, IMHO.

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