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Akrapovic vs Yoshi?


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Picked up a NEW 2016 FJ-09 (correct, a new 2016 in 2021. Crazy!) and wanting some more growl/noise and weight loss. Personally, I think the overall look of the Akro for this bike is cleaner as it tucks  nicely and exits underside. Heard good things about both and for now would prefer to stay stock flash. Both are not cheap! I’ve heard the Akro in person and I think it sounds great. Haven’t heard the Yoshi, so cannot compare. Just not at the point where I (ie- the wife) can justify the cost of a full system yet 😬


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32 minutes ago, koth442 said:

I've got the full akro. It's not much lighter and it doesn't offer much more grunt. I wouldn't buy it again. 

Thanks for sharing this perspective. Glad to have pragmatic inputs. 

Performance aside, has the Akro sound enhanced your riding experience? Or from a safety perspective (assuming baffles removed), increased your road presence to other drivers? 

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I have the full carbon Akrapovic and just the sound makes it worth every penny.

I rode the bike home from the dealer, around 15km, then fitted the Akrapovic the next day. Hence I can't comment on extra power but it is a hell of a lot lighter than stock. And louder. There was a sticker on the pipe that said "not for highway use". Pffft.

I don't like the look of the "factory" Akrapovic systems and I don't know what they sound like.


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4 hours ago, Waldo Jeffers said:

Thanks. I wonder if you could still wear the panniers with it?

My understanding is ‘no’ :( 

I recall someone on the forum having installed this exhaust, and the bags would not fit with the system in place.   Not an issue for some people; deal-breaker for others.   Unfortunate, since it’s a beautiful exhaust...   

Please correct me if someone knows anything different. 

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