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What did you do to your FJ-tracer-gt today?

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Guest eatpasta
Im REAL curious about what people are going to come up with as far as lighting for this bike. There are so many great options now for kick ass LED setups......
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Today installed front fender extender.
If there are no pictures, it didn't happen.  :D
Ok, then I did not bring my new red FJ-09 home today. ;-) Roads were clear and it was a balmy -10 C, good enough for an enclosed trailer ride....
FJ-09, 690 Enduro R.
Back Roads. Period.
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Installing the heated grips tonight, and ordered the accessory outlet.
Rear turn signals are LED now, and located under the tail.
Removed the luggage mounts (since I'm getting soft bags) and the grab handles. Just got plastic panel tabs to cover the holes. They pop off easy and I can re-install everything in a minute if I have a passenger or need the tie downs.
No pics yet. Not until I get the fender eliminator and flush front signals installed. Should arrive sometime soon...
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Heated grips are on! Hardest part was figuring out how to remove the upper fairing. If you follow the installation instructions, the wiring on the throttle side isn't quite as clean as the clutch side, so I may see if I can re-route it a little when I go to install the accessory outlet next week. Otherwise, pretty painless. With the new housing for the throttle cable and heater wire, the ease of wiring into the factory harness, and controlling the grips with the stock controls, I can justify the premium over aftermarket heated grips.
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