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Mileage Milestones

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You have to keep coming back to update your milestones to keep up to date.  Good Luck.

Note:  Only post milestones, leave discussion for discussion threads.  Milestones only, other post shall be deleted. (8/21/2019)
olddawg:  Has a good idea regarding miles posted in between those in the poll;  post on this thread, then post your current miles with an edit to your post by adding a date and the new miles.  As I have shown below:
4/12/18 - 52,621 m,    4/30/18 - 58,034 m,      6/2/18 - 60,142 m,     7/21/18 - 65,365 m,    10/13/18 - 70,994 m,    11/12/18 - 72,418 m,        7/30/19 - 88,004 m

Ken, Candy Ass L.D.R. Sleeps 8 hours
(2)2005 FJR1300abs:  230,000 m
2015 FJ-09:  114,000 m (Replaced engine at 106K)

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How embarrassing...  at a hair over 7,000 miles in about 18 months, I haven't even hit the 'You must be this tall to ride the attraction' hurdle.  
I'm working on it most weekends, 200 miles at a time.
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Bought new April 2015 , hit 79000 7-26-17 . One Iron Butt ride Tulsa to Santa Rosa NM. Set a goal about a year ago to ride all the highways in OK (turnpikes,interstates, US and State highways) finished in the panhandle on Fathers Day , great present to myself.   8/2/17 hit 80,000 today  Hit 83,000 today 9/2/17   Bike was down two weeks waiting for a part.  9/23/17 86,00010/13/17 89,000    12/15/17  99,000  12/17/17 100,005     3/9/2018  104,000    5/5/2018  110,000    5/20/18 112,000     6/22/18   118,000   6/30/18  119,000    
7/7/18  120,000   7/16/18  121,000      8/25/18   125,000     8/31/18  127,000      9/20/18  130,000      10/7/18  132,000     11/7/18  136,000
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I changed the clutch cable myself recently. It hadn't broken or even shown any signs it was about to but I'm heading off on a trip soon and I thought I'd just minimise the risk. I've not had any issues with the CCT, the recall (if needed) was done before I got the bike.
I got the bike when it had done 2800 miles, Its now done ~22k. I've had no major issues, although there was some rust/corrosion in the metal screed/dash support and on the brake pistons. I removed the screen/dash and painted the metal support. And cleaned the pistons as best I could with brake cleaner and some autosol to try to prevent any damage to the seals. At some point I'll probably need to replace the pistons but they'll do for now.
I do live somewhere with an unpleasant winter, lots of road salt and molasses are used which has a tendency to stick to the bike and cause rust. So the corrosion problems may well not affect everyone.
I've had the rear shock replaced under warranty (rust). As well as the side panels (cracking). I've never actually had a problem that's left me stuck anywhere though.
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At 24k miles (14 months of ownership of the brand new bike), I changed my air filter, clutch cable (because I didn't want it to break on my cross country road trip), put in new antifreeze, new brake fluid, and adjusted my valves. After reinstalling the CCT, it just started failing.
Knowing that there was an issue with the stock CCTs for this bike, I was pretty much panicking because I was supposed to leave in 2 weeks for my week trip. I don't trust my local dealer to touch anything engine related on my bike because they are notorious lean mean motorcycle messing up machines. Luckily, I live in PA and Stoltech also is based out of PA. They shipped me an APE tensioner, which I didn't really want to get, but seemed like the best option. It needed to be adjusted 2 times in about 10k miles, which I can live with.
Hope that helps
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Almost 24k miles. I had the panels crack. That's it. I just finished changing the oil a few minuets ago and will be heading out on a 7k mile trip Sunday.

Let’s go Brandon

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What about 20,000 miler category, like me?
New July 2016 but due to a very busy year, only about 20k miles. Besides dozens of solely functional mods, the OEM tires lasted about 10k miles but really needed replacement sooner The highly touted following set of Metzeler Roadtec 01 while being very competent handling wise (relatively quick and responsive with good bump absorption if a bit numb but with really untested wet weather performance) were a disappointment mileage wise with the front cupping slightly and wearing on the shoulders sharply and the rear showing cords at less than 9k miles. This weekend on went a fresh set of Dunlop Roadsmart 3s which are not yet scrubbed-in and an EK 520XVX3 Gold with Superlite 16T front & Sun 45T rear steel sprockets (all very nice).
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I just returned from a 6 day trip - 2855 miles, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. 
During the trip I achieved the 10,000 milestone, then 11,000 and 12,000... Leftover '15 is 9 months old.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Unfortunately, here in the flatlands where Wisconsin's twisties are the closest yet still 1.5 hours away, I routinely achive 8,000+ on black doughnuts from Michelin, Avon, Continental, Dunlop, and Metzeler. However flat spotting is usually the first detractor to consistent smooth cornering.
All the best 520 chains can reach at least 15,000 miles on 100 HP / 60 FP + bikes these days given a modicum of care, and 20,000+ if lavished with some love. The trick to this longevity on any riveted master link is not over-pressing the side plate on or over-staking the pin heads, and running the engine for long and thus getting a very hot exhaust pipe / Cat box with its close adjacency to the chain and it's high temperature heat sensitive rubber O-rings (or using harsh cleaning agents; and improper cleaning, lubing and agjustment methods).
BTW,I use Kerosene ans a Tirox chain brush along with tooth and paint brushes (and cotton rags) but a friend swears by diluted simple green (oh the horror!). A Chain Monkey eases adjustment and either an automatic chain oiler Scott), Motul chain paste or Belay SuperclEan clear keep my chains close to godliness and rust at bay.
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