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visor cleaner


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Every time that I go to the optometrist they give me spray bottles of eyeglass cleaner and cleaning cloths. I always keep one of each in my tank bag.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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The outside of the visor can be cleaned with any visor cleaner or dish-wash/water that takes your fancy. I normally dry it with a microfibre cloth. It can also be treated with water repellants to help keep your vision clear in the rain.
The inside pinlock section is a soft, water vapour porous polymer that you have to be a bit more careful with as it will scratch and you shouldn’t use ammonia type cleaners on. I normally remove it every six months or so, wash in soapy water and then rinse abundantly with clean water. It’s best to leave it to air dry after shaking all the big drops off. While it’s off you can clean the inside of the visor properly and then refit the pinlock section.

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I use vinegar and water on the outside of mine, and rarely clean the inside with anything other than a microfiber cloth.
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I use dish soap and water.
that is good to know, and you don't have any scratching or film residue on the visor?
Never had any issues.. just don't use any harsh chemicals and you'll be fine.

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

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I use a mild hand soap and water applied by fingers to the outside. I then polish the. outside with Plexus.
Rinse inside with water.
Also use Plexus on windscreen.
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A friend of mine bought one of these for quick cleans while riding, and showed it to me last week on our ride. He said it cleans great, and the magnet is super strong, and doesn't come off while riding. It attaches to your handlebar, and you fill the container with whatever cleaning liquid you want. I ordered one, but haven't got it yet to provide a personal review, but my buddy swears by it.
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so on my HJC rpha 70 ST, I have the pin lock visor on as well, and wanted to know the best product to use to clean both.  I have heard that it can't contain ammonia, but wanted to check with people I am sure have cleaned these.
I bought a HJC 70 St this season also, pretty nice looking helmet. Do you find it loud? 
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