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Late Afternoon Sun


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I recently bought a new AVG helmet. It an awesome helmet but it doesn't have an internal sun visor which my 2 other helmets have. As you all know, when the sun is really low in the late afternoon sky the glare makes it difficult to see. I'm curious as to how other riders solve this problem. As there are so many ingenious solutions to bike related issues I figure you guys will have some good ones. 

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Building on @micah2074 idea, how about a strip of tinted window film, something like this


Shop for D-C-Fix Window Tint Static Cling 90cm x 2.1m 337-5001 at Wilko.com, where we offer free Order & Collect


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I like flip front helmets with drop-down internal visors that allow sunglasses and electrical tape or static cling tape which works actually pretty well on most visors I found over the last 25 years once you develop the procedures for utilizing it

And when you're going Bonsai  straight into it, you just pray your reaction time is good enough and you're a lucky son of a bitch

That's why I good Bluetooth stereo communicator that bangs out appropriate rock and roll and makes it all worthwhile, other-wordly sensation of defying death you get from no other activity other than piloting an ultralight

But one thing on a motorcycle or any other vehicle without radar, which is available and would be very interesting to do test on a FJ09, is navigating in frog.

Now my following story adds to the fog equation a 5.5 % grade for 4 miles over a bridge called the Golden Gate!

Imagine that at 80 miles an hour with a Tailwind over the Golden Gate downgrade from Mill Valley in fog thicker than the pea soup they served at Fisherman's Wharf

I literally was screaming in my helmet, Banzai, Banzai!

I should mention I was not on my FJ 09 it was my 1961 BSA Goldstar 500 single in a Rickman "Matisse" frame with 18 inch spoked wheels with skinny tires that followed the rain grooves,  and you'd never want to touch the drum brakes on a grade that long cuz they'd burn up before the bottom

But running out of gas inbound  on the upper deck to Frisco on the Bay Bridge by far was scarier

6 volt lighting Magneto ignition rubber so hard you could use it for a hockey puck

Those were the days and if I knew then what I know now when I was younger

I remember reading Ernest Hemingway and his greatest novel about the Spanish Civil War in his later comment credited to him there are only 2 true Sports, bull fighting and motorcycle racing, and everything else were games

Every piece that went into old motorcycles could be replaced

now motorcycles are composed of subcomponents can only be replaced as a whole rather than individual parts

I'm not saying I miss those days but I'm glad I lived through them it's amazing I'm still alive


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On 1/26/2019 at 2:49 AM, BBB said:

Building on @micah2074 idea, how about a strip of tinted window film, something like this


Shop for D-C-Fix Window Tint Static Cling 90cm x 2.1m 337-5001 at Wilko.com, where we offer free Order & Collect


I used something like this back in the '90s and it worked well for me. Fixing to buy the transitions shield from Bell Helmets along with the Ilse Of Man helmet. On sale right now for 199.00 MIPS model is 269.00. I know you already bought the helmet, a tinted cling works well.

Ain't no fun when the rabbit gets the gun!

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On 1/26/2019 at 12:57 AM, micah2074 said:

Put a strip of electrical tape across the top of your shield. 

Used to use electrical tape.  Now I've upgraded to a strip and a half of 1" blue painter's tape.  Low adhesive, very little residue to clean off (Lemon Pledge takes it right off, if needed) and looks totally cool.  

Seriously, though...the tape method has always worked very well for me for a lotta years, especially since I had to start wearing old-man glasses again and had to forego using my internal tinted visor.  It ain't sexy, but it works like a champ.  Have ridden into many a sunset and sunrise with no problems at all; a tiny little chin tuck works like magic.

Just my 2 cents.

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On 1/26/2019 at 5:23 AM, BakerBoy said:

I've used the "The Original" Helmet Sunblocker and liked it the first year or two I had it. After time, mine didn't stick well and one day I lifted my visor and it blew out. 


Amazon.com: helmet+sunblocker


I have used this for many years with great success.  I get to ride year round here in Colorado, the sun never gets very high in the winter and this sun blocker is indispensable.  Mine has never fallen off.

2019 Tracer 900 GT

Niwot CO

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