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Tracer 900GT - GIVI TN2139 Crash Bars/Engine Guard

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I made this video for those interested in equipping their Tracer 900 or 900GT models 2018/2019, with the Crash Bars/Engine Guard of the brand Givi, model TN2139.
You can see how it looks aesthetically and it indicates what tools is needed and also the assembly instructions.

***ENGLISH SUBTITLES*** (Activate the Subtitles=(C))

Hope you guys like it.



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15 hours ago, Zakmilas said:

Hey Swift,

I saw your video, very nice indeed. I was thinking of getting the TN2139 for my bike as well but I saw the following post in the forum.

Did you not get similar issue with the bolt.

Problem resolved. Am using the same engine guard/ crash bar on my GT

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Nice video on the Givi engine guard bars.

However, I would like to have some crash bars that will protect my FJ09 Yamaha saddle bags. And since I just had the bag lids painted to match the beautiful red Yamaha finish I'm a little hesitant to ride with them on the bike.

Now if this isn't fine conundrum, I don't know what is?😧

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The Police in Perth, Western Australia, have tracers as unmarked bikes and they have a set of rear bars on them. Trying to find out how they got them.


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On 3/8/2019 at 12:17 AM, motopumps said:

Nice video!  Any changes in vibes with the bars on?  Have you tested them yet?  😉 


I have but not by choice. Dropped the bike on the right side during a low speed manoeuvre. Saved the lower part of the engine. Scuffed up the right headlight fairing cause I was near a curb so I'm guessing it hit that, scuffed up the front signal light but didn't really break it or anything, bent the bank sensor a bit on the right foot peg, and hit a bit of the pillion footrest on the right. Aside from the scratches on the crash bar, it did its job. I just not sure if it misaligned anything or bent the crash bar itself. haha! 

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I confess; I have tested.  Pulling out of a muddy drive and turning onto the road.  Boom!  The crash bar got trashed in the skid.  Turn signal knocked off but was able to remount and the scratches are not obvious.  Scratches on the hand grip protector and the shiny side bag is not so shiny.  Engine and shift lever were untouched.  The bars did their job and I ordered a replacement.  As yet, I've done nothing with the bag as it serves as a reminder to not get cocky

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Got a set of these, installed myself.   Installation is very easy but be careful identifying which screw and which spacer is which, as there is a variety.

No negative impacts on the bike, fit was great, and they're rock solid on the machine.  I haven't tested mine (and hope I never will) but I'm confident they'll do their job if need be.  They feel very solid.


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