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To the Arctic Ocean and back!


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Hey folks, I'd like to share a few pics from my recent adventure from Calgary AB to Tuktoyaktuk NWT.
About 7500kms (4660mi) round trip 
The start of the dempster highway
Beautiful scenery passing through Tombstone Territorial Park. The mild rains the first day kept the road packed down nice and also made for great photography lighting.
Have to stop to take it all in.
Picnic tables in Yukon campgrounds are big enough for my petit sleeping accommodation.
The arctic circle
Continental TKC80s are an amazing tire. 
Welcome to Northwest Territories
Tuktoyaktuk NWT Land of Pingos.
I made it!
Dipping the front wheel into the Arctic Ocean.
On the last day of the Dempster I got a flat from some sharp gravel. Ondrej from Czech Republic helped me out before I could even get my plug kit out. We plugged two holes and the fix got me all the way back to Calgary. 
Another sticker on the pannier...
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Awesome... even dipped the tire in the Arctic Ocean smiley.png ... thanks for sharing. How did you fix the flat?
Yes sir that was a must. 
We used a simple plug kit with the sticky string and a dab of glue then inflated to "3 bar" with a eurobrand 12v compressor.
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WOW, talk about EPIC road trip!!
Thanks it was an amazing trip. I had great weather, got some great wildlife photos, and met a lot of other motorcycle travellers from around the world. Since the final section of roadway opened this spring between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk I think its safe to say this is the first FJ-09 to complete the Dempster highway.
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Brilliant road trip. So nice to see you camping yet with a bike that doesn’t look overloaded.
I’d love to see more photos if you have them.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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@dan - That looks a truly amazing road trip! Thanks so much for sharing the story and great photographs. I kept wanting to ‘like’ and comment on the individual photos, forgetting that this isn’t Facebook...
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Outstanding!   What chance of a few/ many accompanying words to flesh-out the excellent pix?   Congrats on a great achievement.   :)

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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Wow. I didn't know that road was possible all the way to the Artic Ocean - looks a lot better than Prudoe Bay! Any problems with distances between fuel stops?
Yes the final section of the Dempster was opened this spring, prior to that you could only go as far as Inuvik. The total length from Mile 0 to the Arctic Ocean is 880km 547mi.
I haven't been up the Dalton and from what I heard the scenery is better on the Dempster. (Maybe ill go there next summer) Also the end of the Dalton is technically still further north.. but not by very much.
I did bring extra fuel for the first leg of the Dempster as there is no fuel for 370km 230mi but i didnt need it. I rode slowly (45mph) and in 'B' mode and when i made it to Eagle plains the first fuel stop i had about 2L (half a gallon) left in the tank.
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Day 1: Calgary to Grand Cache AB via  Banff, Icefields parkway, and Jasper.
Bow Lake Is always worth the stop

Elk in Jasper NP
Columbia Glacier 
view point a short walk from my campsite at Sulphur gates Park outside of Grande Cache Ab 
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Day 2: Grande Cache AB to Sikanni Chief BC via Chetwynd and the Peace River 726km Screenshot_20180728-200808_Maps.jpg
The BIG puddle leaving campground.
Woodendeck bridge near Grande Cache AB.
Mile 0 of the Alaskan highway in Dawson Creek BC
The Sikanni Chief falls
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