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What country are you in?  I don't see that GPS mount listed in the USA site.  I am using a RAM mount but that bracket you showed in your picture looks like a very nice setup.

2019 Tracer 900 GT

Niwot CO

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I am in the UK - this is an official Yamaha bracket

Here is a link if your interested. In the UK it is priced at £47.60:


The official product page of the Tracer 900 GT. The page contains the technical specs, media for download and an overview of related accessories.


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I am working on an over-the-instruments mount as I don't like looking down to read the GPS.  Takes too much of a head tilt to see past the chin bar of a full face helmet.  Dealt with that for years on my FJR.   It is hard enough to reach the key on the Tracer without having the GPS in the way as well.  My old eyes also appreciate the GPS being further away and in the line of sight.





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17 hours ago, gv550 said:

This is not what you are looking for, but works great for me. It is the RAM 9 mm mirror mount, places the GPS high and easy to reach and see.


I use a similar set up.  Instead of your mirror mount, I use a ball that replaces one of handlebar riser bolts.  RAM mounts are great, especially if you own several bikes like I do- easy to just move the gps whenever I like.



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I fitted EvoTech mirror extenders yesterday and moved my Ram clamp from the handlebars to the mirror, sat nav sits a bit higher, I could move my spot light switch to where it should be (ram mount was clamped there), mirror extenders make a massive difference, the mounting bolt needed to be tightened a bit more as the wind resistance on the mirror and sat nav moved them a fraction earlier.


20190228_193556 (2).jpg

20190228_193549 (2).jpg

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On 2/25/2019 at 7:28 AM, yammy said:


As anybody tried the official Yamaha GPS mount for their GT's? 



Can anyone confirm the Part Number for this mount, I've found several...

1rc-234a0-10-00 or 11-00 <-- found that one on the .eu site, but they don't list it on US sites.

and theres a couple others i found yesterday that i can't find now for some reason.  they were on one of the yamaha.eu sites.

You can find the one for the Niken in about 2 minutes but they dont list one for the 900GT on the accessories site. You can also find them for the FZ and MTs too.

BD5-F34A0-V0-00 (NIKEN GT)

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I have the Yamaha GPS mount on my 2017 900 Tracer, it goes in between the handle bar risers with a fixed tilt. I know a large number of people don't like looking down at a sat nav but that is why you also use audio earplugs to listen to the directional narration. I will add a picture asap




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I made an addition to the frame that came with the Puig touring screen from 3mm flat bar and fitted a ram ball to it. I will possibly move the Sat Nav back down to the handle bar now that I have paired an intercom to it.


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