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What did you do to your FJ-tracer-gt today?

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36 minutes ago, Yaman said:

Last year when i was riding in 4th gear about 60-70 kmh it felt not smooth , like the chain was worn . I got a qoute for ECU flash with Dyno run for 650 $ , so I ordered rapid bike easy for 150 $ . Today i plugged it in and it was smoother , not wow smoother but noticable . New picture in the sun so the blue pop  , i also painted the cover by the headlight . 


Check out the "gronk" here locally on the forums, might be what you are experiencing.

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There is no weird noises from the clutch and it got smoother after i install fuel controller.  Consumpsion looks like the same in the computer . Forecast say it will snow again this week :-[

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Recently I finally swapped out GPS mounts.  I documented the one I had and didnt like in another thread.  Here I changed to this one and the results are a WAY more stable GPS. Along with the mount change I pulled apart the windscreen adjuster and added a small washer just past the shoulder the the adjuster knob giving better clamping force.  I think before no matter how hard I tried to tighten the knob the shoulder would prevent it from geting tighter.  Now its nice and tight and moves quite a bit less.  Im sure that also adds to my more stable GPS.  Sorry if this has been beaten to death on this site already.... (but its new to me!)

Also with the GPS-to-bar mount, its a cheap chinese aluminum clamps that I dont really trust all that much so used some fiber grip paste on it so I dont have to run the screws quite so tight and it should prevent stripping and slipping.







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Today I installed a GIVI fog light bracket. I plan to mount Clearwater Glendas to it. Darlas on the forks. I have them left over from my previous bike.

I also got in today the proper brackets to mount the lights from Clearwater. Hopefully I'll have the lights on soon.

I also, also got in R&G tank grip pads. They are for the previous years Tracer but I hope it fits my 2020.

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FINALLY got in a nice ride on my new '22 GT!  Bought it a week ago but the weather has been so cold and rainy it was tough to get out. Perfect Spring weather today in CT, even stopped at the beach briefly... 

Working thru my upgrade list... installed Grip Puppies, Fuzeblock, front Fenda Extenda, RAM phone mount, garage door opener button, and a pigtail for the battery charger. I have SW-Motech crash bars and tank bag on order, once the bars are on I can install aux lights and dual highway blaster horns.  And a 24" Madstad shield will be on order soon.  

For now I need to put lots of miles on it and get myself 'dialed in'.  After 14 years on the C14 it feels SO different!  Good, but just so very different. I was 'one with the bike' on the C14, not there yet on the Tracer, but some miles will cure that!  🙂


Tracer 9 at the beach.jpg

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Today I installed the R&G Tank pads/grips. The tank section fit well. The "frame" section was just ok tho. I don't understand why the grip pads are so far forward on the tank n "frame". Perhaps the previous model is way different. I can't use the front half of the pads, as I can't sit that far forward. Or even have my knees that high on the tank.

I also started putting the inverted fork brackets on for the Clearwater Darla fork lights. Ran outta time.

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