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Aussie MT-09 Tracer thread....

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Being a new member and in Australia thought I should show up here too. I have the 2015 tracer user manual and service manual as pdf's. The service manual is nearly 33 megs and I only mention that because some email servers limit emails to 20 megs, so if I can help a fellow rider out let me know.
Where about in Oz are you bee???
Service manuals are always a handy thing to have. Pending where you are could come for a ride with a USB make a bit of adventure of it.

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Offers to share copyright materials if frowned upon in the public areas of the forum, but the best way to share such a document is to use cloud storage such as Dropbox, Onedrive etc. All you need to do is send someone a link and they download it as fast as the available bandwidth allows.
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Sorry to have breached any copyright stuff, I'm in the gong at the momment and on the central coast next weekend. Hope that helps, if you can see my email on my profile maybe use that to avoid any further copyright issues!

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Hello all,
I realize there hasn't been much activity in this thread for a while but as an Australian owner I thought that I should post.
I got my Tracer just before Christmas from Yamaha World in Adelaide and rode to Wallaroo where we were visiting the in laws. Next day I rode it home to Broken Hill. There is no Yamaha dealer here so I am getting the 1000k service done at the Suzuki dealer, it is them or the Cf Moto dealer, but I asked when I bought it and they understood that I was 500km from them and 300km from the nearest Yamaha dealer in Mildura.
The Tracer was great on the road except for a lot of noise from the screen but some foam earplugs sorted that out. I will have to experiment a bit with it.
The supension was setup standard and I am not sure what size rider it is designed for. The front end was soggy and the back end bouncy. I am 77kg and have the front preload at maximum, the rider sag is 45mm with 40mm optima but this was without gear so I definitely can't afford to put on weight, and damping 8 clicks out but I might add a little. I have lightened the rear preload by one to setting 3 but will go one more as I am nowhere near the rider sag. It is much improved though and with a little more fine tuning will be comfortable and handle better than my skill level.
In all I am extatic with the bike. It gives me a massive grin riding it and just have to be careful rhat amazing engine doesn't get me in too much trouble.

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