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That chunk of rubber to remove when removing seat

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Just got a new 2020 GT on Saturday.  When I go to remove my seat, that chunk of rubber with the arrow that is mentioned in the user manual is not there.  Wondering is that some safely feature?  Did they do away with it? Or did the dealer forget to put in back on?


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Some seem to tolerate it, some throw it away.  You guessed right, it's a sort of safety cover for the seat release latch.

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2 hours ago, whisperquiet said:

I removed mine and saved it for the next owner who will remove and save it.


Dealers will offer at least ,£500 less at trade in if it's not there ,!🤔🌞

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I still have mine and as irresponsible owners throw theirs away they are now rare and desirable. I will sell you one for $700.

[or you could easily live without one 😂]

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18 hours ago, mingo said:

Mine came in the bag with the extra key.. What's its purpose? 

Theft protection.
It would have to be removed before someone could jam a long pick-type tool from outside the seat/rear plastic area, pop off the seat and get to your battery and starter relay. Yamaha decided to plug the hole for the latch mechanism to make it harder to steal the bike. 


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I can see how it could stop a very specialized thief - that is, one intimately familiar with how the Tracer is put together, with a fairly particular tool - from popping the seat, but... Eh.  I'll take my chances, there.  That seems like an incredibly remote possibility, and likely well behind all the other ways to readily steal a bike.  

Like most here, I put mine back the first time I took it out, then tossed it somewhere at random in my garage the second time, likely never to be seen again.  

And at least it'll be easier for me to get my own bike back on the road without damaging anything should I lose my keys on a road trip 😃

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