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That Bloody F&*^king Helmet Cable

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Has anyone used the helmet lock cable that comes in our toolkit?
I attempted to but first like a good customer read my owner's manual. Then as directed...
I secured the helmet to the cable and hooked the cable free end to the small arm under the seat as shown in the illustration.
As soon as I snapped the pillion seat back into place the cable slipped off the arm and the helmet dropped to the ground, making a nice scratch on the face shield.  shete!!  So I repeated the process. The helmet hit the ground again, this time chipping the top. (I know... insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.)
Has anyone gotten this cluster fu** of a "feature to actually work?
Signed - Perplexed in NH
1968 Triumph Bonneville 650
1971 Norton Commando Roadster
2002 Harley 1200 Sportster
2003 Honda ST 1300
2016 FJ 09
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Top case is your friend, that's where mine goes when it's not on my head.....
On one of my previous bikes, I had a helmet lock mounted on the frame, which allowed me to lock the helmet to the bike. It worked well, as long as you turned the helmet so it didn't collect water when raining. But now, I just put it in the top case and forget about it.
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I’ve used mine successfully though I also had a bungee cargo net I would stash it under. I stopped using it because I have the SENA and a GoPro and it’s easir to just take the whole thing than keep taking those off. Plus I have heard about too many instances of finding people have urinated or worse in their helmet or some d bag cutting the strap off thinking they could reuse the helmet.
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I know why Harley Davidson does not put helmet locks on their bikes, most owners are too stupid to wear helmets. But thirty years ago all Japanese bikes come with good helmet locks that were keyed to the bike. Now you have to buy a lock and try to find a place to mount it. Resulting in one more key hanging on your keychain and wearing out your ignition lock. Makes no sense to me!

He who dies with the most toys wins.

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Fitting an actual lock like duhs10 linked up is the slickest solution.
In the meantime, the cable supplied by Yamaha does work. You slide one loop on the holder under the seat, then thread the free loop on the opposite side of the cable through the metal buckle on your helmet strap, and then finally attach that loop next to the first one that you’ve already secured to the holder.
I rest the helmet on my riders seat, and re-attach the back seat so everything’s locked up again. I then shut the shield, position the helmet on my seat so I’m happy with it, and detach the Sena.
Done. If you still find it confusing, LMK and I’ll upload a picture.
Sorry you scratched up the helmet. I bumped my new one into a wall first time I approached the bike with it and chiggered it up. So pissed at myself that day.
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I use the Oxford lidlock if I don’t have the panniers fitted. The long T piece slides through the strap clasp on my Schuberth helmet and then locks into the carabiner. The carabiner fits nicely around the handlebars.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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"...it’s easier to just take the whole thing... Plus I have heard about too many instances of finding people have urinated or worse in their helmet or some d bag cutting the strap off thinking they could reuse the helmet."
Never used a cable lock myself.  Have always taken my helmet with me whenever I leave the bike.  The faith I have in my fellow bikers, family and friends is not the faith I have in most other folks.
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I guess this is really more personal preference than best practices, as each of the options above work. Below is a brief journey of how I got to my solution, although I can see others may make different choices......
1) Why would I need a helmet lock, I don't stop until I get home, and I rarely get off the bike when I'm riding = Solution - Nothing, just keep the helmet on your head
2) I need to stop and pick up one or two things on my way home - Solution - carry the helmet with me
3) I need to make a few stops, and I'm getting tired of carrying the helmet with me - lock the helmet on the bike using any of the solutions already discussed in this thread
4) I got tired of not being able to stop and run a few errands, especially if I needed to carry a few different things with me - Buy the dreaded top case
5) I started doing some light touring, with overnight stops, and needed the ability to carry a small bag of clothes/overnight supplies with me - Add the Side Cases
6) I found I didn't like riding with the side bags all the time, and wasn't ever using them except on overnight trips - Removed the side bags except when I'm going on overnight trips
7) I still ride with the top case, and find it very useful. I can stop and buy things I need on the way home, carry things to give to friends, and stash my helmet when running errands or eating along the way.
I like the look of the bike without the top case better, but I find it too useful to take it off.
Hope this helps,
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Don't like the stock lock but not sure how anything would slip off. The small loops are barely large enough to fit over the bent L bracket. But have seen owners try to use the wrong bracket, loop the cable differently. etc
Those old school locks mentioned above? They were often positioned low and rearward and usually leave with a dirty helmet strap and or hands. Never liked using them much. These days if there's no space in the luggage and I don't want to some or all gear use a 6' coated steel cable to snake through helmet, jacket, pants, and secure to seat.
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